Lianshe Fu
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  departamento: Física  
  grupo: 1 - nanomateriais inorgânicos funcionais e híbridos orgânico-inorgânico
  linha: 1 - tecnologias da informação e comunicação
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Lianshe Fu got his first University degree (bachelor) in Chemistry in China (1987). In the same year, he was approved to study for a Master degree majored in Analytical Chemistry in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China). After graduation in 1990, he worked as an Assistant Researcher to study the lanthanide (Ln) luminescence analysis in CIAC. In order to enlarge his research fields, he started his PhD study on preparation and luminescence properties of lanthanide-based organic/inorganic hybrids by sol-gel methodfrom 1996. This research field is also related to his previous research work on Ln luminescence analysis. 

Upon got his PhD degree, he worked as a postdoctor in Inorganic Materials Laboratory (LMI, Université Blaise-Pascal, France) under the supervision of Professor Philippe Boutinaud to study the luminescence properties for Ln-doped mesoporous materials. After being awarded a merit scholarship from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal) in 2002, he did a Postdoctoral work under the supervision of Professor Luís D. Carlos in University of Aveiro (UA) in Portugal. During 2006, since there was a collaboration research, as a Researcher Associate Senior, he worked in Professor Tanner’s group (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) for eight months to study rare earth luminescence. From November of 2007 he was a full-time researcher in CICECO (UA, Portugal).


Publicações seleccionadas

Organic/inorganic hybrids lacking activator centers

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Organic/inorganic hybrids doped with lanthanide ions

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Mesoporous or layered materials doped with lanthanide complex

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Magnetism hybrid materials

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