Helena Alves

Principal Researcher

short CV

Helena Alves joined CICECO, in Aveiro University, in July 2014. She received her PhD in Chemistry in 2004, from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. After two years as a post-doc at the same University, she moved to Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands for two years as a guest researcher. In November 2008, she joined INESC-MN in Lisbon as a principal researcher. Her’ interests lie in the area of material chemistry and solid state physics, nanotechnology and advanced applications (flexible, transparent and wearable) in particular organic semiconductors and molecular electronics. She has a background on chemistry and materials science, with a good and solid insight of correlating solid-state materials structure and design with electronic, magnetic and optical properties. This broad knowledge on material properties and potential applications, allowed her to achieve the actual position at CICECO, and as a guest scientist in one of the reference institutes in nanotechnology in Portugal. The international experience and roles in different scientific institutions has enabled her to establish a broad scientific network. She has presently 35 published papers in high quality international journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Functional Materials, Scientific Reports, or Journal of Material Chemistry. She has participated and co-coordinated several research national and international projects. She actively promotes science within a young public, through several outreach activities such as visits to schools and a blog with science experiments for children.


2015 – 2020    IF/ CICECO / University of Aveiro/ FCT/ Portugal

2008 – 2013    Ciência 2007/ INESC-MN, Nanoscience Institute (IN)/ FCT/ Portugal

2006 – 2008    Post-doc Fellowship/ Kavli Institute of Nanoscience/ TUDelft/ FCT/ Netherlands

2004 – 2006    Post-doc Fellowship/ Telecommunications Institute/ FCT/ Portugal

2000 – 2004    PhD Fellowship/Chemistry Department/ITN/ FCT/ Portugal

1998 – 1999    Junior researcher grant (BI)/Chemistry Department/ITN/ FCT/ Portugal

Tech offer



Molecular compounds based on DT-TTF and Au(cdc)(2) complex. Structural, magnetic and electrical properties

Ribas, X; Mas-Torrent, M; Rovira, C; Veciana, J; Dias, JC; Alves, H; Lopes, EB; Almeida, M; Wurst, K
2003, POLYHEDRON, 22, 14-17, 2415-2422.

Magnetic and electrical properties of (DT-TTF)(4)[Au(pds)(2)](3)

Dias, JC; Morgado, J; Alves, H; Lopes, EB; Santos, IC; Duarte, MT; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M; Ribas, X; Rovira, C; Veciana, J
2003, POLYHEDRON, 22, 14-17, 2447-2452.

Conductors based on metal-bisdicyanobenzodithiolate complexes

Alves, H; Santos, IC; Lopes, EB; Belo, D; Gama, V; Simao, D; Novais, H; Duarte, MT; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M
2003, SYNTHETIC METALS, 133, 397-399.

Charge transfer salts based on M(dcbdt)(2) complexes (M=Au and Ni)

Alves, H; Simao, D; Santos, IC; Lopes, EB; Novais, H; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M
2003, SYNTHETIC METALS, 135, 1-3, 543-544.

(n-Bu4N)(2)[Fe(dcbdt)(2)](2). Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic characterisation

Alves, H; Simao, D; Novais, H; Santos, IC; Gimenez-Saiz, C; Gama, V; Waerenborgh, JC; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M
2003, POLYHEDRON, 22, 14-17, 2481-2486.

Two new families of charge transfer solids based on [M(mnt)(2)](n-) and the donors BMDT-TTF and EDT-TTF: Conducting and magnetic properties

Mas-Torrent, M; Alves, H; Lopes, EB; Almeida, M; Wurst, K; Vidal-Gancedo, J; Veciana, J; Rovira, C
2002, JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY, 168, 2, 563-572.

Synthesis, X-ray structures, electrochemistry, magnetic properties, and theoretical studies of the novel monomeric [CoI2(dppfO(2))] and polymeric chain [CoI2(mu-dppfO(2))(n)]

Aviles, T; Dinis, A; Goncalves, JO; Felix, V; Calhorda, MJ; Prazeres, A; Drew, MGB; Alves, H; Henriques, RT; da Gama, V; Zanello, P; Fontani, M

Electronic localization in an extreme 1-D conductor: the organic salt (TTDM-TTF)(2) [Au(mnt)(2)]

Lopes, EB; Alves, H; Ribera, E; Mas-Torrent, M; Auban-Senzier, P; Canadell, E; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M; Molins, E; Veciana, J; Rovira, C; Jerome, D
2002, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 29, 1, 27-33.

Synthesis, structure and physical properties of tetrabutylammonium salts of nickel complexes with the new ligand dcbdt=4,5-dicyanobenzene-1,2-dithiolate, [Ni(dcbdt)(2)](z-) (z = 0.4, 1, 2)

Simao, D; Alves, H; Belo, D; Rabaca, S; Lopes, EB; Santos, IC; Gama, V; Duarte, MT; Henriques, RT; Novais, H; Almeida, M

Structure and physical properties of (n-Bu4N)(2) [Au(dcbdt)(2)](5)

Alves, H; Simao, D; Lopes, EB; Belo, D; Gama, V; Duarte, MT; Novais, H; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M
2001, SYNTHETIC METALS, 120, 1-3, 1011-1012.

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