Denis Alikin

Junior Researcher



Correlative Confocal Raman and Scanning Probe Microscopy in the Ionically Active Particles of LiMn2O4 Cathodes

Alikin, D; Slautin, B; Abramov, A; Rosato, D; Shur, V; Tselev, A; Kholkin, A
2019, MATERIALS, 12, 9.

Link of Weak Ferromagnetism to Emergence of Topological Vortices in Bulk Ceramics of h-LuMnxO3 Manganite

Baghizadeh, A; Vaghefi, PM; Alikin, DO; Amaral, JS; Amaral, VS; Vieira, JM
2019, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 123, 10, 6158-6166.

Narrow optical gap ferroelectric Bi2ZnTiO6 thin films deposited by RF sputtering

Figueiras, FG; Fernandes, JRA; Silva, JPB; Alikin, DO; Queiros, EC; Bernardo, CR; Barcelay, YR; Wrzesinska, A; Belsley, MS; Almeida, B; Tavares, PB; Kholkin, AL; Moreira, JA; Almeida, A
2019, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 7, 17, 10696-10701.
ISBN: 2050-7496

Surface wettability modification of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and copolymer films and membranes by plasma treatment

Correia, DM; Nunes-Pereira, J; Alikin, D; Kholkin, AL; Carabineiro, SAC; Rebouta, L; Rodrigues, MS; Vaz, F; Costa, CM; Lanceros-Mendez, S
2019, POLYMER, 169, 138-147.
ISBN: 1873-2291

Indentation induced local polarization reversal in La doped BiFeO3 ceramics

Abramov, AS; Alikin, DO; Yuzhakov, VV; Nikitin, AV; Latushko, SI; Karpinsky, DV; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2019, FERROELECTRICS, 541, 1, 1-9.
ISBN: 1563-5112

Quantitative characterization of the ionic mobility and concentration in Li-battery cathodes via low frequency electrochemical strain microscopy

Alikin, DO; Romanyuk, KN; Slautin, BN; Rosato, D; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2018, NANOSCALE, 10, 5, 2503-2511.

Local electromechanical characterization of Pr doped BiFeO3 ceramics

Abramov, AS; Alikin, DO; Neradovskiy, MM; Turygin, AP; Ushakov, AD; Rokeah, RO; Nikitin, AV; Karpinsky, DV; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2018, FERROELECTRICS, 525, 1, 64-75.

Local switching in SBN:Ni single crystals with various initial domain states

Shikhova, VA; Fedorovyh, VV; Turygin, AP; Gimadeeva, LV; Chezganov, DS; Vlasov, EO; Alikin, DO; Ivleva, LI; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
2018, FERROELECTRICS, 525, 1, 100-107.

A comparative study of structural and electrical properties in lead-free BCZT ceramics: Influence of the synthesis method

Coondoo, I; Panwar, N; Alikin, D; Bdikin, I; Islam, SS; Turygin, A; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2018, ACTA MATERIALIA, 155, 331-342.

A self-forming nanocomposite concept for ZnO-based thermoelectrics

Zakharchuk, KV; Widenmeyer, M; Alikin, DO; Xie, WJ; Populoh, S; Mikhalev, SM; Tselev, A; Frade, JR; Weidenkaff, A; Kovalevsky, AV
2018, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 6, 27, 13386-13396.

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