Denis Alikin

Junior Researcher



Electromechanical properties of electrostrictive CeO2:Gd membranes: Effects of frequency and temperature

Ushakov, AD; Mishuk, E; Makagon, E; Alikin, DO; Esin, AA; Baturin, IS; Tselev, A; Shur, VY; Lubomirsky, I; Kholkin, AL
ISBN: 1077-3118

Dielectric relaxation and charged domain walls in (K,Na)NbO3-based ferroelectric ceramics

Esin, AA; Alikin, DO; Turygin, AP; Abramov, AS; Hrescak, J; Walker, J; Rojac, T; Bencan, A; Malic, B; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
ISBN: 1089-7550

The effect of phase assemblages, grain boundaries and domain structure on the local switching behavior of rare-earth modified bismuth ferrite ceramics

Alikin, DO; Turygin, AP; Walker, J; Bencan, A; Malic, B; Rojac, T; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2017, ACTA MATERIALIA, 125, 265-273.
ISBN: 1873-2453

Single particle structure characterization of solid-state synthesized Li4Ti5O12

Pelegov, DV; Slautin, BN; Zelenovskiy, PS; Kuznetsov, DK; Kiselev, EA; Alikin, DO; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
2017, JOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY, 48, 2, 278-283.
ISBN: 1097-4555

Characterization of domain structure and domain wall kinetics in lead-free Sr2+ doped K0.5Na0.5NbO3 piezoelectric ceramics by piezoresponse force microscopy

Turygin, AP; Alikin, DO; Abramov, AS; Hrescak, J; Walker, J; Bencan, A; Rojac, T; Malic, B; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
2017, FERROELECTRICS, 508, 1, 77-86.
ISBN: 1563-5112

Ferroelectric Domain Structure and Local Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-Free (Ka(0.5)Na(0.5))NbO3 and BiFeO3-Based Piezoelectric Ceramics

Alikin, D; Turygin, A; Kholkin, A; Shur, V
2017, MATERIALS, 10, 1.

Thermal excitation contribution into the electromechanical performance of self-supported Gd-doped ceria membranes

Ushakov, AD; Mishuk, E; Alikin, DO; Slautin, BN; Esin, AA; Baturin, IS; Shur, VY; Lubomirsky, I; Kholkin, AL
2017, SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPY 2017 (SPM-2017), 256.

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