Maksim Starykevich

Junior Researcher

Awards and Honors





Winner of the presidential fund for support of talented youth, Belarus.

2nd honor distinction for the poster, XIX Meeting of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society and XVI Iberic Meeting of Electrochemistry, Aveiro, Portugal.

Portuguese Electrochemical Society young researcher prize

Courses and Training





“GD user training”, HORIBA Jobin Yvon S.A.S., France.

“7th European Summer School on Electrochemical Engineering”, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

“Multifunctional Smart Coating and Surfaces Summer School”, Aveiro, Portugal (teaching).

short cv

Date and place of birth: 17 September 1988, Zhabinka, Belarus

Academic degrees:

•  PhD degree in Material science, University of Aveiro, 2017  
   PhD Thesis: “Electrosynthesis of 1-D metallic nanoparticles from DES using porous anodic templates”

•  Degree in Chemical Engeneering (5-year program), Department of Chemical technology of organic substances, materials and products, Belarusian State University of Technology, 2011
   Degree Thesis: “Research into the influence of temperature on rubber properties”

Scientific and professional activities:

since 2017: Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, CICECO, University of Aveiro

2011-2017: Junior Researcher, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, CICECO, University of Aveiro

2007-2010: Engineer (part-time), Belarusian State University


scientific interests and specialization

Area of scientific activity:
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; (Electro)Catalysis; Oxygen Separation; Mixed-conducting Ceramic Membranes; Membrane Reactors; Energy Conversion and Storage Materials; Natural Gas and Biogas Conversion; Steam Electrolysis; Oxide Thermoelectrics; Corrosion protection; Electrochemical deposition; Ionic liquids.

Scientific domain:
Materials Science, Physical Chemistry; Solid State Chemistry and Electrochemistry;

Solid-state reaction synthesis; Glycine-nitrate combustion synthesis; Pechini (citrate) synthesis technique; Mechanochemical activation and mechanosynthesis;
Structural and microstructural characterization: X-ray diffraction (XRD); Scanning electron microscopy (SEM); Energy-dispersive analysis (EDS);
Thermal analysis: Thermogravimetry (TGA), Differential thermal analysis (DTA); Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Dilatometry;
Electrical measurements: electrical conductivity (DC methods and AC impedance spectroscopy); Seebeck coefficient;
Electrochemical measurements: electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; polarization techniques;
Studies of mixed ionic-electronic transport in oxides: oxygen permeation measurements; determination of transference numbers (modified EMF technique; Faradaic efficiency technique; polarization methods); coulometric titration;
Analysis of defect chemistry of oxides; Oxygen nonstoichiometry - defect chemistry - transport properties relationships; Thermochemical expansion;
Electrochemical deposition of active metals and semiconductors from ionic liquids;

Present research interests:
- Development of ionic, electronic and mixed ionic-electronic conductors with different structures (fluorite, perovskite, pyrochlore, apatite, Ruddlesden-Popper, etc.) and composite metarials for energy-conversion technologies and studies of their properties, chemical and thermal stability, redox behavior, electrochemical and electrocatalytic performance;
- Alternative electrochemically-active and cost-efficient cathode and anode materials for fuel cell applications;
- Solid electrolytes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells;
- Nanostructured electrocatalysts for hydrocarbon (natural gas, biogas) conversion and fuel cell applications; 
- High performance composite CO2 separation membranes
- Oxygen-selective ceramic mixed-conducting membranes for oxygen separation from air and partial oxidation of light hydrocarbon; Surface activation methods;
- Oxide thermoelectric materials.


A critical look at interpretation of electrochemical impedance spectra of sol-gel coated aluminium

Yasakau, KA; Starykevich, M; Ferreira, MGS; Zheludkevich, ML
ISBN: 1873-3859

Formation of multi-functional TiO2 surfaces on AA2024 alloy using plasma electrolytic oxidation

Ignjatovic, S; Blawert, C; Serdechnova, M; Karpushenkov, S; Damjanovic, M; Karlova, P; Wieland, DCF; Starykevich, M; Stojanovic, S; Damjanovic-Vasilic, L; Zheludkevich, ML
ISBN: 1873-5584

The Influence of In Situ Anatase Particle Addition on the Formation and Properties of Multifunctional Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coatings on AA2024 Aluminum Alloy

Ignjatovic, S; Blawert, C; Serdechnova, M; Karpushenkov, S; Damjanovic, M; Karlova, P; Dovzhenko, G; Wieland, DCF; Zeller-Plumhoff, B; Starykevich, M; Stojanovic, S; Damjanovic-Vasilic, L; Zheludkevich, ML
ISBN: 1527-2648

Assessment of bismuth oxide-based electrolytes for composite gas separation membranes

Starykevich, M; Jamale, A; Marques, FMB
2020, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 46, 17, 26705-26714.
ISBN: 1873-3956

Compromising Between Phase Stability and Electrical Performance: SrVO3-SrTiO3 Solid Solutions as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Components

Macias, J; Yaremchenko, AA; Rodriguez-Castellon, E; Starykevich, M; Frade, JR
2019, CHEMSUSCHEM, 12, 1, 240-251.
ISBN: 1864-564X

Electrosynthesis of Ordered TiO2 Nanotubular Layers in Deep Eutectic Solvents and Their Properties

Starykevich, M; Maltanava, H; Tedim, J; Poznyak, SK; Ferreira, MGS
ISBN: 1945-7111

Layered Double Hydroxide Clusters as Precursors of Novel Multifunctional Layers: A Bottom-Up Approach

Neves, CS; Bastos, AC; Salak, AN; Starykevich, M; Rocha, D; Zheludkevich, ML; Cunha, A; Almeida, A; Tedim, J; Ferreira, MGS
2019, COATINGS, 9, 5.

Layered double hydroxide based active corrosion protective sealing of plasma electrolytic oxidation/sol-gel composite coating on AA2024

Bouali, AC; Straumal, EA; Serdechnova, M; Wielan, DCF; Starykevich, M; Blawert, C; Hammel, JU; Lermontov, SA; Ferreira, MGS; Zheludkevich, ML
2019, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 494, 829-840.
ISBN: 1873-5584

Effect of fluoride-mediated transformations on electrocatalytic performance of thermally treated TiO2 nanotubular layers

Maltanava, H; Poznyak, S; Ivanovskaya, M; Scharnagl, N; Starykevich, M; Salak, AN; Soares, MD; Mazanik, A
ISBN: 1873-3328

A novel bilayer system comprising LDH conversion layer and sol-gel coating for active corrosion protection of AA2024

Yasakau, KA; Kuznetsova, A; Kallip, S; Starykevich, M; Tedim, J; Ferreira, MGS; Zheludkevich, ML
2018, CORROSION SCIENCE, 143, 299-313.

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