Andreia Fernandes de Sousa

Investigador Auxiliar

short cv

ANDREIA F SOUSA. I obtained a BSc and a MSc in Chemistry (2004) from the University of Coimbra and PhD in Chemistry (2011) from the University of Aveiro within the EU project WaCheUp. Afterwards I was awarded, a post-doctoral fellow grant from the National Science Foundation FCT (University of Coimbra). Since 2019 I am an Assistant Researcher at CICECO of the University of Aveiro and I still maintain an invited position of Collaborator Researcher at the University of Coimbra. A substantial part of my time is spent teaching at graduation students (4h/week) and I am the proud mother of 3 young children.

I have 41 papers in ISI journals (+9 proceeding papers +2 book chapters). Within my main research line -Sustainable Furan Polymers- I have 3 Highly Cited Papers (DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2018.07.007; DOI: 10.1039/c3py01213a; DOI: 10.1002/pola.23130) (from 2017 onwards), accumulating >700 citations. I lead a team on Sustainable Furan Polymers at CICECO/UA, with 4 PhD, 1 MSc, 2 BSc, 1 Research Fellow and 1 Science Manager. In 2019 I was awarded on a highly competitive call (10% success rate) a prestigious COST Action in my main research field (CA18220). The funding of 500 K€ will allow me to expand my vision of developing novel Furan products for the market, under a circular rationale (recycled, biodegradable). I coordinate (Chair) an interdisciplinary network with 88 experts; 59 institutions and 29 countries. In total I participate(d) in 8 EU/National projects, 3 as PI at UA. Among other coordination activities, I coordinate a workshop on ‘Bio-polymers and Bio-based polymers and composites’ within the 9th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry (Oct 2020, GR). Additionally, I initiate, organise and chair the timely international workshop on ‘PLASTICS: think global, think circular, re-think end-of-life!’ (March 20, PT). I have supervised 33 PhD, MSc, BSc and research fellows, across different disciplines from biotechnology, analytical/organic chemistry to polymer science. I am a member of the Portuguese Polymers network (ARCP), Editorial Board of Polymers (MDPI), and Topic Editor of Frontiers in Chemistry (Frontiers).




Supervisões em Curso



Improving the Thermal Properties of Poly(2,5-furandicarboxylate)s Using Cyclohexylene Moieties: A Comparative Study

Matos, M; Sousa, AF; Silvestre, AJD

Increasing the Bile Acid Sequestration Performance of Cationic Hydrogels by Using an Advanced/Controlled Polymerization Technique

Mendonca, PV; Matos, A; Sousa, AF; Serra, AC; Simoes, S; Coelho, JFJ
2017, PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, 34, 9, 1934-1943.

Thermosetting AESO-bacterial cellulose nanocomposite foams with tailored mechanical properties obtained by Pickering emulsion templating

Sousa, AF; Ferreira, S; Lopez, A; Borges, I; Pinto, RJB; Silvestre, AJD; Freire, CSR
2017, POLYMER, 118, 127-134.

Poly(1,20-eicosanediyl 2,5-furandicarboxylate), a biodegradable polyester from renewable resources

Soares, MJ; Dannecker, PK; Vilela, C; Bastos, J; Meier, MAR; Sousa, AF
2017, EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL, 90, 301-311.
ISBN: 1873-1945

New unsaturated copolyesters based on 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and their crosslinked derivatives

Sousa, AF; Fonseca, AC; Serra, AC; Freire, CSR; Silvestre, AJD; Coelho, JFJ
2016, POLYMER CHEMISTRY, 7, 5, 1049-1058.

Renewable-based poly((ether)ester)s from 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid

Sousa, AF; Coelho, JFJ; Silvestre, AJD
2016, POLYMER, 98, 129-135.

Unravelling the distinct crystallinity and thermal properties of suberin compounds from Quercus suber and Betula pendula outer barks

Sousa, AF; Gandini, A; Caetano, A; Maria, TMR; Freire, CSR; Neto, CP; Silvestre, AJD

Biobased polyesters and other polymers from 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid: a tribute to furan excellency

Sousa, AF; Vilela, C; Fonseca, AC; Matos, M; Freire, CSR; Gruter, GJM; Coelhob, JFJ; Silvestre, AJD
2015, POLYMER CHEMISTRY, 6, 33, 5961-5983.

Erratum: Biobased polyesters and other polymers from 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid: A tribute to furan excellency

AF Sousa*, C Vilela, AC Fonseca, M Matos, CSR Freire, G-JM Gruter, JFJ Coelho, AJD Silvestre
2015, Polymer Chemistry, 6, 33, 6096-6096.

One-pot synthesis of biofoams from castor oil and cellulose microfibers for energy absorption impact materials

Sousa, AF; Matos, M; Pinto, RJB; Freire, CSR; Silvestre, AJD
2014, CELLULOSE, 21, 3, 1723-1733.

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