Filipa Lourosa Sousa

Assistant Researcher


Filipa graduated in Chemistry in 2000 at Universidade de Aveiro. In 2003 she completed a master in Ciência e Engenharia de Materiais at the same University, "Novos sistemas luminescentes de polioxometalatos contendo lantanídeos". Following her interest on polyoxometalate chemistry, in 2004 she moved to Germany to obtain a Ph.D degree in the  group of Prof. Dr. Achim Muller, "Construction of new polyoxomolybdate architectures", February 2010. During the Ph.D period, she participated in one European Project, one 1 project with industry and 2 projects financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Filipa then decided to develop her career in Portugal, she moved to CICECO as a post‐doc investigating the use of magnetic and optically active microcapsules for the release of active materials (supervisor Prof. Tito Trindade). Since January 2017 she is Research Assistant at the CICECO and Chemistry Department of the University of Aveiro. Her main scientific interests are centered on the development of microcapsules and polyoxometalate hybrid materials for advanced magnetic and thermal applications. She published 1 international book chapter and 23 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, summing 371 citations without self-citations and an h-index of 11.

scientific interests

- Microencapsulation of bioative substances

- Smart and functional inorganic capsules for bioapplications

- Magnetic properties of dry fluids

- Molecular metal-oxide clusters and metal-oxide based materials

scientific supervision

Msc Theses

- Ana Catarina Martins, Agentes teranósticos baseados em polioxometalatos, Superviors: Filipa L.  Sousa, Nuno J. Silva (ongoing)

- José Pedro Reis Costa Franco, Carbon nanoparticles for biomedical applications, Supervisors: Marcelino M. Oliveira, Filipa L. Sousa (ongoing)

- Alexandre Miguel Mendes Portugal da Rocha, Biochemical and Behavioural responses in Danio rerio embryos following exposure to different sized and functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles, Supervisors: Marcelino M. Oliveira, Filipa L. Sousa (2021)

- Fátima Gabriela Guedes Faria, Novel polyoxometalate composites for targeted drug delivery and photothermal therapy, Supervisors: Filipa L. Sousa, Hélder A. Santos (2019)

- José Nuno Magalhães Silvares, Development and application of functionalized polyoxometalates as fluorescent-tags in biosensing applications, Supervisors: Filipa L. Sousa, Duarte M. Prazeres (IST) (2018)


main present colaborators

S. Sacanna (New York University)

S. G. Mitchell (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón/CSIC, Zaragoza)

A. Millan (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón/CSIC, Zaragoza)

D. Miguel Prazeres (Instituto Superior Técnico)

S. Ohkoshi (School of Sciences, University of Tokyo)


Ongoing Supervisions



A new supramolecular organic-inorganic adduct: {[Eu(CH3OH)(H2O)(8)](2) [Eu(H2O)(8)][PW12O40](3)}center dot 8(C14H20O5)center dot 2(C28H40O10)center dot 6(CH3OH)center dot 6(H2O)

Soares-Santos, PCR; Cunha-Silva, L; Sousa, FL; Sousa, JLC; Gates, PJ; Klinowski, J; Trindade, T; Rocha, J; Cavaleiro, AMV; Paz, FAA; Nogueira, HIS
2011, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 989, 1-3, 80-85.

A Nanosized Molybdenum Oxide Wheel with a Unique Electronic-Necklace Structure: STM Study with Submolecular Resolution

Zhong, DY; Sousa, FL; Muller, A; Chi, LF; Fuchs, H

Supramolecular Chemistry on a Cluster Surface: Fixation/Complexation of Potassium and Ammonium Ions with Crown-Ether-Like Rings

Muller, A; Sousa, FL; Merca, A; Bogge, H; Miro, P; Fernandez, JA; Poblet, JM; Bo, C

Vectorial growth/regulations in a {P8W48}-type polyoxotungstate compartment: trapped unusual molybdenum oxide acts as a handle

Sousa, FL; Bogge, H; Merca, A; Gouzerh, P; Thouvenot, R; Muller, A
2009, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 48, 7491-7493.

Two novel supramolecular organic-inorganic adducts containing dibenzo-30-crown-10 and H3PM12O40 (M = W or Mo)

Soares-Santos, PCR; Cunha-Silva, L; Sousa, FL; Mafra, L; Rocha, J; Cavaleiro, AMV; Trindade, T; Paz, FAA; Klinowski, J; Nogueira, HIS
2008, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 888, 1-3, 99-106.

Nanometer-sized molybdenum-iron oxide capsule-surface modifications: External and internal

Muller, A; Bogge, H; Sousa, FL; Schmidtmann, M; Kurth, DG; Volkmer, D; van Slageren, J; Dressel, M; Kistler, ML; Liu, TB
2007, SMALL, 3, 6, 986-992.

Luminescent polyoxotungstoeuropate anion-pillared layered double hydroxides

Sousa, FL; Pillinger, M; Ferreira, RAS; Granadeiro, CM; Cavaleiro, AMV; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD; Trindade, T; Nogueira, HIS

Reactions inside a porous nanocapsule/artificial cell: encapsulates' structuring directed by internal surface deprotonations

Muller, A; Toma, L; Bogge, H; Henry, M; Haupt, ETK; Mix, A; Sousa, FL
2006, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 32, 3396-3398.

Terbiumpolyoxotungstate anions as building units to fabricate nanostructured films

Sousa, FL; Soares-Santos, PCR; Nogueira, HIS; Ferreira, RAS; Cavaleiro, AMV; Carlos, LD; Trindade, T
2006, ADVANCED MATERIALS FORUM III, PTS 1 AND 2, 514-516, 1135-1139.

The first one-dimensional lanthanopolyoxotungstoborate

Sousa, FL; Paz, FAA; Granadeiro, CMCE; Cavaleiro, AMV; Rocha, J; Klinowski, J; Nogueira, HIS

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