Fernando Manuel Bico Marques
  Professor Catedrático  
  telefone: 234 370 354  
  extensão: 22 922  
  e-mail: fmarques@ua.pt  
  departamento: Engenharia de Materiais e Cerâmica  
  gabinete: 9.2.23  
  grupo: 3 - materiais de carbono, compósitos e revestimentos funcionais
  linha: 2 - energia e aplicações industriais
  url directo: https://www.ciceco.ua.pt/FernandoMarques  
Perfil biográfico

F. Marques joined the Ceramics and Glass Eng. Dept., University of Aveiro, in 1979 as Lecturer. In 1999 became Full Professor.

Responsibilities held at departmental or university level include Chairman of the University Scientific Council (2006-2009), Vice-Rector (2002-2004), Scientific Coordinator - Research Unit on Ceramic Materials (1998-2001), Pro-Rector (1994-1996), and Head of Department - Ceramics and Glass Engineering (1992-1993).

F. Marques is frequently invited speaker, session chairman and member of scientific committees of international conferences, also member of the editorial board of international journals and referee for several dozens of international journals and research organizations.


Interesses científicos

The main research interest is the study of the relationships between composition, defect structure, working conditions, processing routes, and transport properties of materials usually identified as ionic conductors (mostly oxide-ion, carbonate-ion, sodium and protonic conductors), mixed conductors and electronic conductors. These materials are used in energy production, storage and conservation (e.g., sensors, permeating membranes and fuel cells).

Actividade pedagógica

A variety of courses with emphasis on Ceramics for Energy Conversion Systems, Instrumentation for Automatic Control, and Materials in Technology.