4 December 2015

Luís Carlos elected as Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Luís Carlos elected as Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Luís Carlos, researcher from CICECO and the Department of Physics (DFIs), University of Aveiro, is the latest Corresponding Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC). Elected this week to appear in the table of honor of one of the most important scientific academies of the world, Luís Carlos, expert in the field of optical properties of materials, see well recognized the scientific merit and "relevant collaboration in the development of science in Brazil."

"The distinction is recognition of the work done at the UA, the DFIs and CICECO, in collaboration with Brazilian research groups," says Luís Carlos.

Since 1999 it has been published about 70 articles, over 2250 quotes, papers listed in the Web of Science platform on luminescent materials involving more than 80 researchers of prestigious Brazilian universities. During this period of time, were at UA about 20 Brazilian undergraduate and graduate students conducting research of this field.

"This work has been developed in the group functional organic-inorganic hybrids

 materials of CICECO and counted with the effort and dedication of many of its members, and is therefore also a acknowledgment of their scientific merit," said the researcher. Therefore, Luís Carlos thanked them all, and the UA, particularly the CICECO and DFIs, "for having created conditions for this cooperation to take place."

"Honor me, too, greatly, that ABC has consider relevant the contribution of my work for the development of science in Brazil", welcomes Luis Carlos. And as one who runs for pleasure never gets tired, "most of the time I face what I do as fun - understood as a deviation from the spirit from different things that worry me - and, therefore, can not help but smile at the thought that this fun was acknowledged by a prestigious institution and almost centenarian. "

Luís Carlos, researcher in the field of optical properties of materials, is co-author of six patents (2 international), 390 articles and book chapters with over 10,000 citations and co-editor of the book "thermometry at the Nanoscale - Techniques and Selected Applications ".

The researcher has already performed 53 lectures as an invited speaker at international conferences specialty, totaling over 450 communications. In its scientific relations with Brazil was reviewer in 2008 and 2015 of the National Scientific and Technological Development Council, member of the scientific advisory committee of the National Network for Molecular Nanotechnology and Interfaces of the National Institute of Science and Nanotechnology Technology for Integrated Labels and member of juries of doctoral and master's thesis. He is a member of the scientific advisory committee of CeRTEV - Center for Research, Technology and Education in Materials and Vitreous and collaborator of Molecular Optoelectronics Group of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

As a corollary of all the Portuguese-Brazilian collaboration activity researcher Luis Carlos, the review article Adv. Mater. 21, 509-534, 2009, is the ninth most cited work in all areas of the web platform of science involving researchers from both countries since 2009 (in fact, considering only Portuguese and Brazilian institutions is the most cited).

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