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Osteoinductive materials, bioactive glasses, glass-ceramics; biodegradable polymeric films for tissue growth

  • Osteoinductive thermally stable Ca-phosphates, bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Composite scaffolds of biocompatible polymeric matrices filled with nanostructured ceramics for tissue engineering
  • Pastes for rapid production of tailored scaffolds for craniofacial traumas surgical repair
  • Piezoelectric polymer platforms for neural regeneration
  • Bioinspired macromolecular systems for precision and regenerative medicine


Surface-modified/multimodal NPs and polymer nanocomposites for imaging, hyperthermia, photodriven applications, and drug delivery

  • NPs as platforms or polymer matrices fillers in: optical detection of (bio)analytes in SERS and as plasmonic responsive systems; multifunctional thermally-sensitive bionanocomposites with remotely controlled contactless capability for drug delivery, hyperthermia and tissue adhesives; chemically modified CNTs/graphene for photodriven applications
  • Multimodal NPs with i) inorganic core (imaging reporter, carrier); ii) surrounding layer (for surface charge modification, solubility, biocompatibility, PEG for in-vivo circulation); iii) molecules with high target affinity; Lnbased nanothermometer-heater systems for hyperthermia
  • In-vitro/vivo NPs risk-benefit assessment and biological effects study


Novel drugs based on metallopharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals. Nanoporous silicates

  • Drug delivery by polysaccharide encapsulated magnetic NPs, glass-polymer composites; nanoporous metal silicates for NO/CO/H2S delivery and for treating hyperkalemia
  • Antitumoral drugs based on metallopharmaceuticals with phytoaromatic ligands and Pd-complexes; multinuclear Cu/Fe complexes for DNA replication inhibition; cyclodextrins embedded in polymeric/metal bone grafts for direct local action
  • Low-cost biopharmaceuticals with application in passive immunization, oncology, autoimmune, cardiovascular, inflammatory/neurological diseases
  • Small molecule drugs for cystic fibrosis channel replacement therapies


Omics to assess material-organism interactions and improve disease management; biofluids pre-treatment for disease management; structural biology NMR; solid-state characterization techniques

  • Metabolomics to assess in vitro/vivo biomaterials performance and environmental hazards effects (metals, graphene, NPs) on cells, animal/plant models, marine species, humans; uncover metabolic biomarkers for disease diagnostic, prognosis, follow-up
  • Effective pre-treatment/depletion techniques of biological fluids to improve detection of biomarkers for disease diagnosis/prognosis
  • Development of porphyrin-binding proteins for heme scavenging in biofluids
  • Development of tools for characterizing solid pharmaceuticals