Centre for Imaging an Structural Studies




Rute Ferreira



Maria do Rosário Soares

Marta Ferro

Maria Celeste Azevedo

Paula Santos


main goals

The Centre for Imaging and Structural Studies (CISS) manages, in an integrated way, medium and large-scale equipment, granting free access to all members. Service to external users is also provided.



CISS houses a wide range of advanced equipment:

We are the focal point of the Portuguese Electron Microscopy Network (facilities: TEM, SEM and AFM, including a Piezoelectric Force Microscope) and house top liquid- (300 and 500 MHz) and solid-state (400 and 500 MHz) nuclear magnetic resonance facilities (including LC-NMR).

We are also one of the best equipped national centres for X-ray diffraction (single crystal, powders and films).

Other relevant equipment includes FTIR, Raman, FTRaman, UV-vis, TGA, DSC, DTA, dilatometry, GC, GC-MS, photoluminescence spectrometers (10-300 K), particle size analyser, glove box, vacuum line, dedicated gas lines for Ar, N2, CO2, H2+N2 mixtures, methane, etc. Equipment for magnetism studies: 1.9-700 K, magnetic fields up to 10 T; magnetization (VSM) and magnetic susceptibility (AC technique, up to 10 kHz). Impedance bridges (1 Hz-2 GHz, 11-800 K); ferroelectric histeresis analyser; photonic sensor for evaluating electromechanical properties; Berlincourt apparatus for measuring piezolectric coefficients; equipment for films preparation (dip coater, spin coater, dc and rf sputtering). Computing clusters Flamingo (fully dedicated) and Argus (shared machine), and to numerous computer codes.

Wide range of furnaces for high-temperature calcination and sintering in air and under controlled atmosphere and other facilities for the preparation of ceramic materials; pressure vessel for hydrothermal synthesis. Set ups for catalytic testing.

We have good access in the University of Aveiro to EPR and mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOF/TOF, Q-TOF, Linear trap, nano-hplc, triple quadrupole).