about cdtm



cdtm_scheme.pngCDTM (Centre for Materials Design and Technology) is CICECO interface structure, whose mission is to support and enhance CICECO’s R&D activities namely by scouting for regional, national and international funding opportunities and supporting projects applications, as well as to facilitate the transfer of CICECO's knowledge and innovation to society in general and to industry, in particular, fostering its competitiveness and therefore, contributing for economic and social development.


As a support unit for R&D projects applications to funding programmes, CDTM main objective is to identify relevant opportunities, carrying out the systematization of programmes regulations and providing support throughout the conception of the project application until its submission (pre-award support). After the projects’ approval, CDTM also offers support in the projects’ management and their technical-financial execution (post-award support).


CICECO/CDTM integrates the PERIN Network (link in the image below) and works closely with it.


This network aims to ensure an effective convergence strategy for the Knowledge Europe by 2030 and is responsible, among other issues, for monitoring the preparation, promotion and implementation of the European Union's Research and Innovation Framework Programmes and other relevant instruments in the field Research and Innovation.