Carlos Brites

Assistant Professor

Short CV

Carlos Brites was born in Nazaré, Portugal, in May 1981.
2019-present: Assistant Professor Physics Departament, University of Aveiro, Portugal
2017-2019: Researcher at CICECO/ Physics Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal

2013-2017: Post-Doctoral fellowship  (CICECO/ 
Physics Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal and Condensed Mateter Physics Department, University of Zaragoza, Spain) FCT Grant holder (SFRH/BPD/89003/2012) “Molecular Luminescent Thermometers”
2007-2012: Ph.D Student (CICECO/ Physics Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal and ICMA/ Physics of Condensed Matter Department, University of Zaragoza, Spain) “Self-Referencing Thermometry at the Nanoscale”
2004-2007: Master in Optoelectronics and Lasers (Faculty of Sciences, University of Oporto, Portugal)
“Integrated Optics Beam Combiners for Astronomical Interferometry”
1999-2004: Degree in Physics and Chemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal)



Scientific Interests

Molecular logics using Phisycal Inputs

Luminescent Materials based on Trivalent Lanthanide Ions

Luminescent Materials as nanoscale thermal probes

Luminescence thermometry as a nanotool for materials' characterization


Research Group

University of Aveiro

Universidade de Aveiro

Photonic Hybrids and Nanomaterials Group



Main present collaborators

University of Aveiro

Luís D. Carlos

Rute André

Helena Oliveira

University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Angel Millan
Rafael Piñol

Centro de Energia Atómica (Argentina)

Eduardo D. Martínez

Ongoing projects

  • FCT Ref. PTDC/FIS-OUT/31469/2017 (Principal Investigator, 40%). Funding: 221,702.30 €. Period: July 2018 - June 2021.


  • FCT Ref. PTDC/BTM-MAT/31794/2017 (Team Member, 10%). Funding: 235,080.68 €. Period: August 2018 - August 2021.


  • FCT Ref. PTDC/CTM-NAN/4647/2014 (Team Member, 70%). Funding 183,945.00 €. Period: July 2016 - June 2019.

Ongoing Supervisions



Joining Time-Resolved Thermometry and Magnetic-Induced Heating in a Single Nanoparticle Unveils Intriguing Thermal Properties

Pinol, R; Brites, CDS; Bustamante, R; Martinez, A; Silva, NJO; Murillo, JL; Cases, R; Carrey, J; Estepa, C; Sosa, C; Palacio, F; Carlos, LD; Millan, A
2015, ACS NANO, 9, 3, 3134-3142.

A cryogenic luminescent ratiometric thermometer based on a lanthanide phosphonate dimer

Ren, M; Brites, CDS; Bao, SS; Ferreira, RAS; Zheng, LM; Carlos, LD
2015, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 3, 33, 8480-8484.

Boosting the sensitivity of Nd3+-based luminescent nanothermometers

Balabhadra, S; Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Nunes, LAO; Malta, OL; Rocha, J; Bettinelli, M; Carlos, LD
2015, NANOSCALE, 7, 41, 17261-17267.

White OLED based on a temperature sensitive Eu3+/Tb3+ beta-diketonate complex

Lima, PP; Paz, FAA; Brites, CDS; Quirino, WG; Legnani, C; Silva, MCE; Ferreira, RAS; Junior, SA; Malta, OL; Cremona, M; Carlos, LD
2014, ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, 15, 3, 798-808.

Thermometry at the nanoscale using lanthanide-containing organic-inorganic hybrid materials

Brites, CDS; Lima, PP; Silva, NJO; Millan, A; Amaral, VS; Palacio, F; Carlos, LD
2013, JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE, 133, 230-232.

Ratiometric highly sensitive luminescent nanothermometers working in the room temperature range. Applications to heat propagation in nanofluids

Brites, CDS; Lima, PP; Silva, NJO; Millan, A; Amaral, VS; Palacio, F; Carlos, LD
2013, NANOSCALE, 5, 16, 7572-7580.

Ratiometric Nanothermometer Based on an Emissive Ln(3+)-Organic Framework

Cadiau, A; Brites, CDS; Costa, PMFJ; Ferreira, RAS; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD
2013, ACS NANO, 7, 8, 7213-7218.

Photonic-on-a-chip: a thermal actuated Mach-Zehnder interferometer and a molecular thermometer based on a single di-ureasil organic-inorganic hybrid

Ferreira, RAS; Brites, CDS; Vicente, CMS; Lima, PP; Bastos, ARN; Marques, PG; Hiltunen, M; Carlos, LD; Andre, PS
2013, LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS, 7, 6, 1027-1035.

Organic-Inorganic Eu3+/Tb3+ codoped hybrid films for temperature mapping in integrated circuits

Brites, CDS; Lima, PP; Silva, NJO; Millan, A; Amaral, VS; Palacio, F; Carlos, LD

Metal-Free Highly Luminescent Silica Nanoparticles

Brites, CDS; Freitas, VT; Ferreira, RAS; Millan, A; Palacio, F; Carlos, LD
2012, LANGMUIR, 28, 21, 8190-8196.


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