Konstantin Nikolaevich Romanyuk

Junior Researcher

short CV






M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Microelectronics and Semiconductor Physics Science at Novosibirsk State University, 2002.

Ph.D. (Solid State Physics), RWTH, Aachen, Germany 2009.

Work experience: 

  • present time, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.
  • 2009 – 2012, researcher at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • 2005 - 2009, visiting researcher at IBN of Juelich research center, Juelich, Germany.
  • 2002 – 2005,researcher at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • 2000 - 2002 - Research assistance MBE Laboratory of Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Scientific specialization & skills

  • Li-ion batteries, Si/Ge nanostructures;
  • diffraction techniques: LEED, SPALEED;
  • scanning probe techniques: scanning tunneling microscopy (STM, STS), atomic force microscopy (PFM, ESM, SRI etc.);
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Surfactant Mediated Epitaxy techniques.

main present collaborators


Dr. A. A. Shklyaev - Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk)

Participating in projects


"Spatially resolved study of Li-ion dynamics on the sub-10 nanometer level by Electrochemical Strain Microscope method" (2013-2014), investigator;


Development grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) ( Russia, 2001-2012), investigator.

selected publications (last 5 year)

  1. A. Nuraeva, S. Vasilev, D Vasileva, P Zelenovsky, D Chezganov, A. Esin, S. Kopyl, K. Romanyuk, V. Ya. Shur, and A. Kholkin, "Evaporation-driven Crystallization of Diphenylalanine Microtubes for Microelectronic Applications", Cryst. Growth and Des., 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.cgd.5b01604
  2. V. Ya. Shur, D. A. Bykov, K. N. Romanyuk, E. L. Rumyantsev, R. M. Kadushnikov, V. V. Mizgulin, E. Seyedhosseini, A. L. Kholkin, "Formation of Self-Assembled Pattern of Glycine Microcrystals, Experiment and Computer Simulation", Ferroelectrics, 2016, DOI: 10.1080/00150193.2016.1155401
  3. S. Y. Luchkin, K. Romanyuk, M. Ivanov, A. L. Kholkin, "Li transport in fresh and aged LiMn2O4 cothodes via electrochemical strain microscopy", Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 118, 2015, p. 072016.
  4. V. V. Atuchin, V. A. Golyashov, K. A. Korolkov, A. S. Kozhukhov, V. N. Kruchinin, I. D. Loshkarev, L. D. Pokrovsky, I. P. Prosvirin, K. N. Romanyuk, O. E. Tereshchenko, "Crystal growth of Bi2Te3 and noble cleaved (0001) surface properties", Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2015.07.031
  5. G. Da Cunha Rodrigues, P. Zelenovskiy, K. Romanyuk, S. Luchkin, Y. Kopelevich, A. Kholkin, "Strong piezoelectricity in single-layer graphene deposited on SiO2 grating substrates", Nature Communications, Vol. 6, 2015, p. 7572.
  6. K. Romanyuk, S. Y. Luchkin, M. Ivanov, A. Kalinin, A. L. Kholkin, "Single and Multi- Frequency Detection of Surface Displacement via Scanning Probe Microscopy", Microscopy and Microanalysis, Vol. 21, 2015, p. 154-163.
  7. A. A. Shklyaev, K. N. Romanyuk, S. S. Kosolobov, "Surface morphology of Ge Layers epitaxially grown on bare and oxidized Si(001) and Si(111) substrates", Surface Science, Vol. 625, 2014, p. 50-56.
  8. S.A. Teys, K. N. Romanyuk, B. Z. Olshanetsky, "Structure of initial Ge nanoclusters at the edges of Si(111) steps with the front in the <-1-1 2> direction", Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 404, 2014, p. 39-43.
  9. K. N. Romanyuk, A. A. Shklyaev, B. Z. Olshanetsky, "Structure and stability of Ge clusters on Si(111) surface in the presence of Bi surfactant", Surface Science, Vol. 617, 2013, p. 68-72.
  10. V. A. Golyashov, K. A. Kokh, S. V. Makarenko, K. N. Romanyuk, I. P. Prosvirin, A. V. Kalinkin, O. E. Tereshchenko, A. S. Kozhukhov, D. V. Sheglov, S. V. Eremeev, S. D. Borisova, E. V. Chulkov, “Inertness and degradation of (0001) surface of Bi2Se3 topological insulator”, J. of Appl. Phys.,  Vol. 112,   2012, p. 113702.
  11. S. Korte, K. Romanyuk, B. Schnitzler, V. Cherepanov, B. Voigtlander, S. N. Filimonov, “Selective Adsorption of C60 on Ge/Si Nanostructures”, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 108, 2012, p. 116101.
  12. V.V. Atuchin, V.A. Golyashov, K.A. Kokh, I.V. Korolkov, A.S. Kozhukhov, V.N. Kruchinin, S.V. Makarenko, L.D. Pokrovsky, I.P. Prosvirin, K.N. Romanyuk, and O.E. Tereshchenko, “Formation of Iinert Bi2Se3(0001) Cleaved Surface”, Crystal Growth and Design, Vol. 11, 2011, p. 5507-5514.
  13. O.E. Tereshchenko, K.A. Kokh, V.V. Atuchin, K.N. Romanyuk, S.V. Makarenko, V.A. Golyashov, A.S. Kozhuhov, I.P. Prosvirin, A.A. Shklyaev, “Stability of (0001) surface of topological insulator Bi2Se3”, JETP Letters, Vol. 94, 2011, p. 500-503.
  14. A.A. Shklyaev, K.N. Romanyuk, A.V. Latyshev, and A.V. Arzhannikov, “Effect of Dislocations on the Shape of Islands during Silicon Growth on the Oxidized Si(111) Surface”, JETP Letters, Vol. 94, 2011, p. 442-445.
  15. K.N. Romanyuk, A.A. Shklyaev, B.Z. Olshanetsky, A.V. Latyshev, “Formation of Ge clusters at a Si(111)-Bi-root 3 x root 3 Surface”, JETP Letters, Vol. 93, 2011, p. 661-666.
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  20. M.V. Yakushev, D.V. Brunev, K.N. Romanyuk, et al., “Surface Morphology of a Si(310) Substrate Used for MBE of CdHgTe: I. Clean Si(310) Surface”, Journal of Surface Investigation-X-Ray Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Feb 2008, p. 114-119.
  21. M.V. Yakushev, D.V. Brunev, K.N. Romanyuk, et al., “Surface Morphology of a Si(310) Substrate Used for MBE of CdHgTe: II. Si(310) Surface Annealed in As-4 Vapors”, Journal of Surface Investigation-X-Ray Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques, Vol. 2, Issue 3, Jun 2008, p. 433-439.
  22. K. Romanyuk, J. Myslivecek, V. Cherepanov, T. Sekiguchi, S. Yoshida, K. M. Itoh, B. Voigtlander,  “Optimized Ge nanowire arrays on Si by modified surfactant mediated epitaxy”
    Physical Review B, Vol. 75 (24), 2007, p. 241309.
  23. K. Romanyuk, V. Cherepanov, B. Voigtlander, “Symmetry Breaking in the Growth of Two-Dimensional Islands on Si(111)”, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 99, 2007, p. 126103.


A comprehensive study of the structure and piezoelectric response of biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate-based films for tissue engineering applications

Chernozem, RV; Pariy, IO; Pryadko, A; Bonartsev, AP; Voinova, VV; Zhuikov, VA; Makhina, TK; Bonartseva, GA; Shaitan, KV; Shvartsman, VV; Lupascu, DC; Romanyuk, KN; Kholkin, AL; Surmenev, RA; Surmeneva, MA
2022, POLYMER JOURNAL, 54, 10, 1225-1236.

Piezoactive dense diphenylalanine thin films via solid-phase crystallization

Romanyuk, K; Slabov, V; Alikin, D; Zelenovskiy, P; Correia, MRP; Keller, K; Ferreira, RAS; Vasilev, S; Kopyl, S; Kholkin, A

Local electronic transport across probe/ionic conductor interface in scanning probe microscopy

Romanyuk, KN; Alikin, DO; Slautin, BN; Tselev, A; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
ISBN: 1879-2723

2D Layered Dipeptide Crystals for Piezoelectric Applications

Zelenovskii, PS; Romanyuk, K; Liberato, MS; Brandao, P; Ferreira, FF; Kopyl, S; Mafra, LM; Alves, WA; Kholkin, AL
ISBN: 1616-3028

Statics and dynamics of ferroelectric domains in molecular multiaxial ferroelectric (Me3NOH)(2)[KCo(CN)(6)]

Xu, WJ; Romanyuk, K; Zeng, Y; Ushakov, A; Shur, V; Tselev, A; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM; Kholkin, A; Rocha, J
2021, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 9, 33, 10741-10748.
ISBN: 2050-7534

Enhanced piezoresponse and surface electric potential of hybrid biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate scaffolds functionalized with reduced graphene oxide for tissue engineering

Chernozem, RV; Romanyuk, KN; Grubova, I; Chernozem, PV; Surmeneva, MA; Mukhortova, YR; Wilhelm, M; Ludwig, T; Mathur, S; Kholkin, AL; Neyts, E; Parakhonskiy, B; Skirtach, AG; Surmenev, RA
2021, NANO ENERGY, 89.
ISBN: 2211-3282

Nanoplasmonic response of porous Au-TiO2 thin films prepared by oblique angle deposition

Rodrigues, MS; Borges, J; Proenca, M; Pedrosa, P; Martin, N; Romanyuk, K; Kholkin, AL; Vaz, F
2019, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30, 22.
ISBN: 1361-6528

Diphenylalanine-Based Microribbons for Piezoelectric Applications via Inkjet Printing

Safaryan, S; Slabov, V; Kopyl, S; Romanyuk, K; Bdikin, I; Vasilev, S; Zelenovskiy, P; Shur, VY; Uslamin, EA; Pidko, EA; Vinogradov, AV; Kholkin, AL
2018, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 10, 12, 10543-10551.

Kelvin force and Raman microscopies of flat SiGe structures with different compositions grown on Si(111) at high temperatures

Shklyaev, AA; Bolotov, L; Poborchii, V; Tada, T; Romanyuk, KN

Quantitative characterization of the ionic mobility and concentration in Li-battery cathodes via low frequency electrochemical strain microscopy

Alikin, DO; Romanyuk, KN; Slautin, BN; Rosato, D; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2018, NANOSCALE, 10, 5, 2503-2511.

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