João Grilo

Junior Researcher

Short CV

João Paulo de Freitas Grilo completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2019, at the University of Aveiro. He graduated in Materials Engineering in 2013, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN-Brazil), and he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Master of Science in Materials Engineering in 2015, also from the UFRN. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Technician, which he received in 2009, from the Institute of Federal Education, Science, and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte.

Currently, João Paulo de Freitas Grilo is a Researcher at the University of Aveiro. He has an impressive research record, having published 46 articles in various journals and contributed to 4 sections of books. Additionally, he has organized 1 event and participated in 15 others. He has also co-supervised 2 Ph.D. theses and 2 MSc dissertations.

João Paulo de Freitas Grilo has been actively involved in multiple research projects, including 3 as a participant, 1 as a Ph.D. Student Fellow, and 1 as a Researcher. He has also contributed to 3 projects as a Scientific Initiation Fellow and served as a Supervisor for 1 project.

His research primarily focuses on Engineering and Technology, with a specialization in Materials Engineering, particularly in the field of Ceramics. In his Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequently mentioned terms in the context of his scientific and technological output include: Ionic conductor, Solid oxide cells, Mixed conductors, composites, and grain boundary engineering.



Creating new surface-exchange pathways on the misfit Ca-cobaltite electrode by the addition of an active interlayer

Araujo, AJM; Loureiro, FJA; Holz, LIV; Graca, VCD; Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Paskocimas, CA; Fagg, DP
ISBN: 1873-2755

Synthesis of Co-Ni and Cu-Ni based-catalysts for dry reforming of methane as potential components for SOFC anodes

Cesario, MR; Souza, GS; Loureiro, FJA; Araujo, AJM; Grilo, JPF; Aouad, S; Tidahy, HL; Macedo, DA; Fagg, DP; Gennequin, C; Abi-Aad, E
2021, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 47, 23, 33191-33201.
ISBN: 1873-3956

Performance of GDC with alkali metal carbonates as sintering aids

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
ISBN: 1872-7689

Environmentally friendly synthesis methods to obtain the misfit [Ca2CoO3-delta](0.62)[CoO2] thermoelectric material

Emerenciano, AA; Araujo, AJM; Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Rasekh, S; Kovalevsky, AV; Paskocimas, CA; Nascimento, RM
2019, MATERIALS LETTERS, 254, 286-289.
ISBN: 1873-4979

Cathodic polarisation of composite LSCF-SDC IT-SOFC electrode synthesised by one-step microwave self-assisted combustion

Loureiro, FJA; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Cesario, MR; Grilo, JPF; Yaremchenko, AA; Fagg, DP
ISBN: 1873-619X

Electronic conductivity in Gd-doped ceria with salt additions

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
2019, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 318, 977-988.
ISBN: 1873-3859

Understanding the cathodic polarisation behaviour of the misfit [Ca2CoO3-delta](q)[CoO2] (C349) as oxygen electrode for IT-SOFC

Santos, JRD; Loureiro, FJA; Grilo, JPF; Silva, VD; Simoes, TA; Fagg, DP; Macedo, DA
2018, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 285, 214-220.

Assessment of NiO-CGO composites as cermet precursors

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
2018, SOLID STATE IONICS, 321, 115-121.

Effect of composition on the structural development and electrical conductivity of NiO-GDC composites obtained by one-step synthesis

Grilo, JPF; Moura, CG; Macedo, DA; Rajesh, S; Figueiredo, FML; Marques, FMB; Nascimento, RM
2017, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 43, 12, 8905-8911.
ISBN: 1873-3956

Effects of laser fluence and liquid media on preparation of small Ag nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid

Moura, CG; Pereira, RSF; Andritschky, M; Lopes, ALB; Grilo, JPD; do Nascimento, RM; Silva, FS

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