Vítor Gaspar

Assistant Professor

Ongoing Supervisions



Advanced Bottom-Up Engineering of Living Architectures

Gaspar, VM; Lavrador, P; Borges, J; Oliveira, MB; Mano, JF
ISBN: 1521-4095

Freeform 3D printing using a continuous viscoelastic supporting matrix

Patricio, SG; Sousa, LR; Correia, TR; Gaspar, VM; Pires, LS; Luis, JL; Oliveira, JM; Mano, JF
2020, BIOFABRICATION, 12, 3.
ISBN: 1758-5090

Hydrogel 3D in vitro tumor models for screening cell aggregation mediated drug response

Monteiro, MV; Gaspar, VM; Ferreira, LP; Mano, JF
2020, BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE, 8, 7, 1855-1864.
ISBN: 2047-4849

Mechanochemical Patternable ECM-Mimetic Hydrogels for Programmed Cell Orientation

Lavrador, P; Gaspar, VM; Mano, JF
ISBN: 2192-2659

Repurposing Old Drugs into New Epigenetic Inhibitors: Promising Candidates for Cancer Treatment?

Moreira-Silva, F; Camilo, V; Gaspar, V; Mano, JE; Henrique, R; Jeronimo, C
2020, PHARMACEUTICS, 12, 5.
ISBN: 1999-4923

Responsive laminarin-boronic acid self-healing hydrogels for biomedical applications

Amaral, AJR; Gaspar, VM; Mano, JF
2020, POLYMER JOURNAL, 52, 8, 997-1006.
ISBN: 1349-0540

Self-Assembled Bioactive Colloidal Gels as Injectable Multiparticle Shedding Platforms

Freitas, B; Lavrador, P; Almeida, RJ; Gaspar, VM; Mano, JF
2020, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 12, 28, 31282-31291.
ISBN: 1944-8252

Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Bioengineering Physiomimetic 3D in Vitro Tumor Models

Ferreira, LP; Gaspar, VM; Mano, JF
2020, TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, 38, 12, 1397-1414.
ISBN: 1879-3096

Differential Modulation of the Phospholipidome of Proinflammatory Human Macrophages by the Flavonoids Quercetin, Naringin and Naringenin

Conde, TA; Mendes, L; Gaspar, VM; Mano, JF; Melo, T; Domingues, MR; Duarte, IF
2020, MOLECULES, 25, 15.
ISBN: 1420-3049

In-air production of 3D co-culture tumor spheroid hydrogels for expedited drug screening

Antunes, J; Gaspar, VM; Ferreira, L; Monteiro, M; Henrique, R; Jeronimo, C; Mano, JF
2019, ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, 94, 392-409.
ISBN: 1878-7568

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