Karol Strutyński

Assistant Researcher


Covalent organic frameworks as catalyst support: A case study of thermal, hydrothermal, and mechanical pressure stability of β-ketoenamine-linked TpBD-Me2

Liliana P.L. Gonçalves, Javier Garcia Ben, Karol Strutyński, Laura Rodriguez-Lorenzo, Joana Araújo, A.Sofia G.G. Santos, O. Salomé G.P. Soares, M. Fernando R. Pereira, Yury V. Kolen'ko, Manuel Melle-Franco, Laura M. Salonen
2024, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.

2D Layered Bimetallic Phosphorous Trisulfides MIMIIIP2S6 (MI = Cu, Ag; MIII = Sc, V, Cr, In) for Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Filipa M. Oliveira, Jan Paštika, Iva Plutnarová, Vlastimil Mazánek, Karol Strutyński, Manuel Melle-Franco, Zdeněk Sofer, and Rui Gusmão
2023, Small Methods.

One-Step Synthesis of Magnetic Covalent Organic Framework Composite for the Adsorption of Marine Toxin Okadaic Acid

Vanesa Romero, Soraia P. S. Fernandes, Liliana P. L. Gonçalves, Orlando Oliveira, Maria Meledina, Karol Strutyński, Manuel Melle-Franco, Yury V. Kolen’ko, Begoña Espiña, Laura M. Salonen
2023, CrystEngComm, 25, 16.

C60+C60 molecular bonding revisited and expanded

Jorge Laranjeira, Karol Strutyński, Leonel Marques, Emilio Martínez-Núñez, Manuel Melle-Franco
2023, Carbon.

Superconductivity in the doped polymerized fullerite clathrate from first principles

Jorge Laranjeira, Ion Errea, Ɖorđe Dangić, Leonel Marques, Manuel Melle-Franco, Karol Strutyński
2023, physica status solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Letters.

A Crystalline 1D Dynamic Covalent Polymer

De Bolos, E; Martinez-Abadia, M; Hernandez-Culebras, F; Haymaker, A; Swain, K; Strutynski, K; Weare, BL; Castells-Gil, J; Padial, NM; Marti-Gastaldo, C; Khlobystov, AN; Saeki, A; Melle-Franco, M; Nannenga, BL; Mateo-Alonso, A

An Expanded 2D Fused Aromatic Network with 90-Ring Hexagons

Riano, A; Strutynski, K; Liu, M; Stoppiello, CT; Lerma-Berlanga, B; Saeki, A; Marti-Gastaldo, C; Khlobystov, AN; Valenti, G; Paolucci, F; Melle-Franco, M; Mateo-Alonso, A

Clathrate structure of polymerized fullerite C-60

Laranjeira, J; Marques, L; Melle-Franco, M; Strutynski, K; Barroso, M
2022, CARBON, 194, 297-302.

Observing polymerization in 2D dynamic covalent polymers

Zhan, GL; Cai, ZF; Strutynski, K; Yu, LH; Herrmann, N; Martinez-Abadia, M; Melle-Franco, M; Mateo-Alonso, A; De Feyter, S
2022, NATURE, 603, 7903, 835-+.

Imaging and analysis of covalent organic framework crystallites on a carbon surface: a nanocrystalline scaly COF/nanotube hybrid

Weare, BL; Lodge, RW; Zyk, N; Weilhard, A; Housley, CL; Strutynski, K; Melle-Franco, M; Mateo-Alonso, A; Khlobystov, AN
2021, NANOSCALE, 13, 14, 6834-6845.
ISBN: 2040-3372

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