Albano Neto Carneiro Neto

Junior Researcher

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Lanthanide complexes withN-phosphorylated carboxamide as UV converters with excellent emission quantum yield and single-ion magnet behavior

Pham, YH; Trush, VA; Neto, ANC; Korabik, M; Sokolnicki, J; Weselski, M; Malta, OL; Amirkhanov, VM; Gawryszewska, P
2020, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 8, 29, 9993-10009.
ISBN: 2050-7534

[Ga83+Sm23+, Ga83+Tb23+] Metallacrowns are Highly Promising Ratiometric Luminescent Molecular Nanothermometers Operating at Physiologically Relevant Temperatures

Salerno, EV; Zeler, J; Eliseeva, SV; Hernandez-Rodriguez, MA; Neto, ANC; Petoud, S; Pecoraro, VL; Carlos, LD
2020, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 26, 61, 13792-13796.
ISBN: 1521-3765

Real-Time Intracellular Temperature Imaging Using Lanthanide Bearing Polymeric Micelles

Pinol, R; Zeler, J; Brites, CDS; Gu, YY; Tellez, P; Neto, ANC; da Silva, TE; Moreno-Loshuertos, R; Fernandez-Silva, P; Gallego, AI; Martinez-Lostao, L; Martinez, A; Carlos, LD; Millan, A
2020, NANO LETTERS, 20, 9, 6466-6472.
ISBN: 1530-6992

Tunable Energy-Transfer Process in Heterometallic MOF Materials Based on 2,6-Naphthalenedicarboxylate: Solid-State Lighting and Near-Infrared Luminescence Thermometry

Gomez, GE; Marin, R; Neto, ANC; Botas, AMP; Ovens, J; Kitos, AA; Bernini, MC; Carlos, LD; Soler-Illia, GJAA; Murugesu, M
2020, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 32, 17, 7458-7468.
ISBN: 1520-5002

Overlap integrals and excitation energies calculations in trivalent lanthanides 4f orbitals in pairs Ln-L (L = Ln, N, O, F, P, S, Cl, Se, Br, and I)

Neto, ANC; Moura, RT
ISBN: 1873-4448

High-Quantum-Yield Upconverting Er3+/Yb3+-Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Dual Coatings for Real-Time Temperature Sensing and Photothermal Conversion

Caixeta, FJ; Bastos, ARN; Botas, AMP; Rosa, LS; Souza, VS; Borges, FH; Neto, ANC; Ferrier, A; Goldner, P; Carlos, LD; Goncalves, RR; Ferreira, RAS
2020, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 124, 37, 19892-19903.
ISBN: 1932-7455

Overlap properties of chemical bonds in generic systems including unusual bonding situations

Moura, RT; Neto, ANC; Malta, OL; Longo, RL
ISBN: 0948-5023

On the mechanisms of non-radiative energy transfer between lanthanide ions: centrosymmetric systems

Neto, ANC; Moura, RT; Malta, OL
2019, JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE, 210, 342-347.
ISBN: 1872-7883

Odd-Even Effect on Luminescence Properties of Europium Aliphatic Dicarboxylate Complexes

Assuncao, IP; Neto, ANC; Moura, RT; Pedroso, CCS; Silva, IGN; Felinto, MCFC; Teotonio, EES; Malta, OL; Brito, HF
2019, CHEMPHYSCHEM, 20, 15, 1931-1940.
ISBN: 1439-7641

Comparative studies of structure, spectroscopic properties and intensity parameters of tetragonal rare earth vanadate nanophosphors doped with Eu(III)

Tomasz Grzyb, Agata Szczeszak, Andrii Shyichuk, Renaldo Tenorio Moura Jr., Albano Neto Carneiro Neto, Nina Andrzejewska, Oscar Loureiro Malta, and Stefan Lis
2018, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 741, 459-472.

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