Albano Neto Carneiro Neto

Junior Researcher

Ongoing Supervisions



Theoretical study of geometric and spectroscopic properties of Eu 3+ complexes with Ruhemann’s Purple ligands

Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Renaldo T. Moura Jr., Eduardo C. Aguiar, Carlos V. Santos Jr., Miguel A.F.L.B. de Medeiros
2018, Journal of Luminescence, 201, 451-459.

Preface to the virtual special issue of journal of luminescence on ICL–2017 in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil, from august 27th to September 1st, 2017

Oscar L. Malta, Wagner M. Faustino, Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Ricardo L. Longo, Cid B. de Araújo, Luís D. Carlos
2018, Journal of Luminescence, 204, 41-41.

Modeling 4f–4f intensity parameters as a function of structural distortions in Ln(2,2′-bipyridine-1,1′-dioxide)4(ClO4)3 complexes (Ln=Pr3+, Nd3+)

A.N. Carneiro, E. Huskowska, P. Gawryszewska, J. Legendziewicz, O.L. Malta
2016, Journal of Luminescence, 169, 454-457.

Energy transfer upconversion dynamics in YVO4:Yb3+,Er3+

Andrii Shyichuk, Sarita S. Câmara, Ingrid T. Weber, Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Luiz A.O. Nunes, Stefan Lis, Ricardo L. Longo, Oscar L. Malta
2016, Journal of Luminescence, 170, 560-570.

On the calculation and interpretation of covalency in the intensity parameters of 4f–4f transitions in Eu3+ complexes based on the chemical bond overlap polarizability

Renaldo T. Moura Jr., Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Ricardo L. Longo, Oscar L. Malta
2016, Journal of Luminescence, 170, 420-430.

Effects of Dopant Addition on Lattice and Luminescence Intensity Parameters of Eu(III)-Doped Lanthanum Orthovanadate

Andrii Shyichuk, Renaldo T. Moura Jr., Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Marcin Runowski, Mohammad S. Zarad, Agata Szczeszak, Stefan Lis, and Oscar L. Malta
2016, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 28497-28508.

Luminescence spectroscopy of Eu3+ in Ca3Sc2Si3O12

M. Bettinelli, A. Speghini, F. Piccinelli, A.N.C. Neto, O.L. Malta
2011, Journal of Luminescence, 131, 1026-1028.

Molecule-Like Eu3+-Dimers Embedded in an Extended System Exhibit Unique Photoluminescence Properties

Ananias, D; Kostova, M; Paz, FAA; Neto, ANC; De Moura, RT; Malta, OL; Carlos, LD; Rocha, J

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