Ana Catarina Costa Gomes Alves

Investigador Auxiliar

short CV

February 2019 to present: Researcher

February 2010 to January 2019: post-doctoral associate under the supervision of Professor Isabel Gonçalves and Doctor Martyn Pillinger.

October 2005- November 2009: PhD in chemistry in the group of Prof. Simon Duckett, University of York, United Kingdom.

scientific interests

-Synthesis and characterization of organic ligands, organometallic complexes.

-Immobilization of inorganic/organometallic complexes in MCM-41, metal-organic frameworks, cyclodextrines, cucurbiturils and layered double hydroxides and respective characterization.

present research group

  • Professor Isabel Gonçalves
  • Doctor Martyn Pillinger
  • Doctor Tatiana Amarante
  • Doctor Sofia Bruno


  • Doctor Filipe Paz
  • Doctor Anabela Valente
  • Doctor Patrícia Neves
  • Doctor Sofia Bruno
  • Doctor Paula Ferreira

Other portuguese institutions

  • Professor Carlos Romão (ITQB-UNL)
  • Doctor Carla Gamelas (Politécnico de Setúbal)
  • Doctor André D. Lopes (University of the Algarve)
  • Doctor Salete Balula (University of Porto)
  • Doctor Luis Cunha Silva (University of Porto)

Selected publications

A.C. Gomes, M.M. Antunes, M. Abrantes, A.A. Valente, F.A. Almeida Paz, I.S. Gonçalves, M. Pillinger, ChemCatChem., 2018, 53, 3481-3489.

D. Julião, A.C. Gomes, M. Pillinger, R. Valença, J.C. Ribeiro, I.S. Gonçalves, S.S. Balula,Appl. Catal., B2018, 230, 177-183.

A.C. Gomes, C.I.R. Magalhães,T.S.M. Oliveira, A.D. Lopes, I.S. Gonçalves, M. Pillinger, Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 17042–17052.

A.C. Gomes, P. Neves, L. Cunha-Silva, A.A. Valente, I.S. Gonçalves, M. Pillinger, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2016, 6, 5207-5218.

 A.L. Costa, A.C. Gomes, M. Pillinger, I.S. Gonçalves, J.S. Seixas de Melo, Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 12069-12078.

A.C. Gomes,S.M. Bruno, C.A. Gamelas,A.A. Valente,M. Abrantes,I.S. Gonçalves,C.C. Romão, M. Pillinger, Dalton Trans2013, 42, 8231-8240.



Synthesis, structure and catalytic olefin epoxidation activity of a dinuclear oxo-bridged oxodiperoxomolybdenum(VI) complex containing coordinated 4,4 '-bipyridinium

Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Paz, FAA; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2017, MOLECULAR CATALYSIS, 432, 104-114.

Behavior of Triazolylmolybdenum(VI) Oxide Hybrids as Oxidation Catalysts with Hydrogen Peroxide

Neves, P; Lysenko, AB; Gomes, AC; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS; Valente, AA
2017, CATALYSIS LETTERS, 147, 5, 1133-1143.
ISBN: 1572-879X

Chemistry and Catalytic Performance of Pyridyl-Benzimidazole Oxidomolybdenum(VI) Compounds in (Bio)Olefin Epoxidation

Neves, P; Nogueira, LS; Gomes, AC; Oliveira, TSM; Lopes, AD; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
ISBN: 1099-0682

Solid-state study of the structure and host-guest chemistry of cucurbituril-ferrocene inclusion complexes

Gomes, AC; Magalhaes, CIR; Oliveira, TSM; Lopes, AD; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2016, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 45, 42, 17042-17052.

A recyclable ionic liquid-oxomolybdenum(VI) catalytic system for the oxidative desulfurization of model and real diesel fuel

Juliao, D; Gomes, AC; Pillinger, M; Valenca, R; Ribeiro, JC; Goncalves, IS; Balula, SS
2016, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 45, 38, 15242-15248.

Catalytic alcoholysis of epoxides using metal-free cucurbituril-based solids

Bruno, SM; Gomes, AC; Oliveira, TSM; Antunes, MM; Lopes, AD; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2016, ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, 14, 16, 3873-3877.

Oxidomolybdenum complexes for acid catalysis using alcohols as solvents and reactants

Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Cunha-Silva, L; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2016, CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 6, 13, 5207-5218.

Zinc-Substituted Polyoxotungstate@amino-MIL-101(Al) - An Efficient Catalyst for the Sustainable Desulfurization of Model and Real Diesels

Juliao, D; Gomes, AC; Pillinger, M; Valenca, R; Ribeiro, JC; de Castro, B; Goncalves, IS; Cunha Silva, L; Balula, SS

Ring-opening of epoxides promoted by organomolybdenum complexes of the type [eta(5)-C5H4R)mo(CO)(2)(773-C3H5)] and [(eta(5)-C5H5) Mo(CO)(3)(CH2R)]

Bruno, SM; Gomes, AC; Abrantes, M; Valente, AA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS

An Indigo Carmine-Based Hybrid Nanocomposite with Supramolecular Control of Dye Aggregation and Photobehavior

Costa, AL; Gomes, AC; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS; de Melo, JSS
2015, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 21, 34, 12069-12078.

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