Patrícia dos Santos Neves

Investigador Auxiliar

Short CV

Patrícia Neves graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2006 at the University of Aveiro. In the same year she started a 1-year research grant at Associate Laboratory CICECO, in the Chemistry Department of the same University.

Afterwards, in 2011 she obtained her PhD degree (Chemical Engineering) under the supervision of Doctor Anabela Valente and Doctor Carlos Manuel Santos Silva, at University of Aveiro. Currently, Patrícia is a post-doctoral researcher at the Associate Laboratory CICECO, at Chemistry Department.

Teaching activity

Elementos de Química Física- Pratical classes

Supervisões em Curso



Mesostructured Catalysts Based on the BEA Topology for Olefin Oligomerisation

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Neves, P; Antunes, MM; Rocha, SM; Ribeiro, MF; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2018, CHEMCATCHEM, 10, 13, 2741-2754.

TUD-1 type aluminosilicate acid catalysts for 1-butene oligomerisation

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Antunes, MM; Neves, P; Rocha, SM; Ribeiro, MF; Pillinger, M; Ribeiro, J; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2017, FUEL, 209, 371-382.

Performance of a tetracarbonylmolybdenum(0) pyrazolylpyridine (pre) catalyst in olefin epoxidation and epoxide alcoholysis

Nogueira, LS; Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Valente, AA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
ISBN: 1872-8561

MFI Acid Catalysts with Different Crystal Sizes and Porosity for the Conversion of Furanic Compounds in Alcohol Media

Antunes, MM; Lima, S; Fernandes, A; Magalhaes, AL; Neves, P; Silva, CM; Ribeiro, MF; Chadwick, D; Hellgardt, K; Pillinger, M; Valente, AA
2017, CHEMCATCHEM, 9, 14, 2747-2759.
ISBN: 1867-3899

Synthesis, structure and catalytic olefin epoxidation activity of a dinuclear oxo-bridged oxodiperoxomolybdenum(VI) complex containing coordinated 4,4 '-bipyridinium

Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Paz, FAA; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2017, MOLECULAR CATALYSIS, 432, 104-114.

Behavior of Triazolylmolybdenum(VI) Oxide Hybrids as Oxidation Catalysts with Hydrogen Peroxide

Neves, P; Lysenko, AB; Gomes, AC; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS; Valente, AA
2017, CATALYSIS LETTERS, 147, 5, 1133-1143.
ISBN: 1572-879X

Triazolyl, Imidazolyl, and Carboxylic Acid Moieties in the Design of Molybdenum Trioxide Hybrids: Photophysical and Catalytic Behavior

Lysenko, AB; Senchyk, GA; Domasevitch, KV; Kobalz, M; Krautscheid, H; Cichos, J; Karbowiak, M; Neves, P; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS
2017, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 56, 8, 4380-4394.
ISBN: 1520-510X

Chemistry and Catalytic Performance of Pyridyl-Benzimidazole Oxidomolybdenum(VI) Compounds in (Bio)Olefin Epoxidation

Neves, P; Nogueira, LS; Gomes, AC; Oliveira, TSM; Lopes, AD; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
ISBN: 1099-0682

Integrated reduction and acid-catalysed conversion of furfural in alcohol medium using Zr,Al-containing ordered micro/mesoporous silicates

Antunes, MM; Lima, S; Neves, P; Magalhaes, AL; Fazio, E; Neri, F; Pereira, MT; Silva, AF; Silva, CM; Rocha, SM; Pillinger, M; Urakawa, A; Valente, AA

Bulk and composite catalysts combining BEA topology and mesoporosity for the valorisation of furfural

Antunes, MM; Neves, P; Fernandes, A; Lima, S; Silva, AF; Ribeiro, MF; Silva, CM; Pillinger, M; Valente, AA
2016, CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 6, 21, 7812-7829.

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