Patrícia dos Santos Neves

Investigador Auxiliar

Short CV

Patrícia Neves graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2006 at the University of Aveiro. In the same year she started a 1-year research grant at Associate Laboratory CICECO, in the Chemistry Department of the same University.

Afterwards, in 2011 she obtained her PhD degree (Chemical Engineering) under the supervision of Doctor Anabela Valente and Doctor Carlos Manuel Santos Silva, at University of Aveiro. Currently, Patrícia is a post-doctoral researcher at the Associate Laboratory CICECO, at Chemistry Department.

Teaching activity

Elementos de Química Física- Pratical classes

Supervisões em Curso



Hydrothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Catalytic Potential of a One-Dimensional Molybdenum Oxide/Bipyridinedicarboxylate Hybrid

Amarante, TR; Neves, P; Valente, AA; Paz, FAA; Fitch, AN; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
2013, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 52, 8, 4618-4628.

Tris(pyrazolyl)methane molybdenum tricarbonyl complexes as catalyst precursors for olefin epoxidation

Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Figueiredo, S; Fernandes, JA; Valente, AA; Paz, FAA; Pillinger, M; Lopes, AD; Goncalves, IS

Aqueous phase reactions of pentoses in the presence of nanocrystalline zeolite beta: Identification of by-products and kinetic modelling

Ferreira, LR; Lima, S; Neves, P; Antunes, MM; Rocha, SM; Pillinger, M; Portugal, I; Valente, AA

Conversion of furfuryl alcohol to ethyl levulinate using porous aluminosilicate acid catalysts

Neves, P; Lima, S; Pillinger, M; Rocha, SM; Rocha, J; Valente, AA
2013, CATALYSIS TODAY, 218, 76-84.

Production of biomass-derived furanic ethers and levulinate esters using heterogeneous acid catalysts

Neves, P; Antunes, MM; Russo, PA; Abrantes, JP; Lima, S; Fernandes, A; Pillinger, M; Rocha, SM; Ribeiro, MF; Valente, AA
2013, GREEN CHEMISTRY, 15, 12, 3367-3376.

Molybdenum(II) Diiodo-Tricarbonyl Complexes Containing Nitrogen Donor Ligands as Catalyst Precursors for the Epoxidation of Methyl Oleate

Gamelas, CA; Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Valente, AA; Romao, CC; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M
2012, CATALYSIS LETTERS, 142, 10, 1218-1224.

A dinuclear oxomolybdenum(VI) complex, [Mo2O6(4,4 '-di-tert-butyl-2,2 '-bipyridine)(2)], displaying the {MoO2(mu-O)(2)MoO2}(0) core, and its use as a catalyst in olefin epoxidation

Amarante, TR; Neves, P; Paz, FAA; Pillinger, M; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS

An Octanuclear Molybdenum(VI) Complex Containing Coordinative ly Bound 4,4 '-di-tert-Butyl-2,2 '-Bipyridine, [Mo8O22(OH)(4)(di-tBu-bipy)(4)]: Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Epoxidation of Bio-Derived Olefins

Amarante, TR; Neves, P; Tome, C; Abrantes, M; Valente, AA; Paz, FAA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
2012, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 51, 6, 3666-3676.

Synthesis, Structural Elucidation, and Application of a Pyrazolylpyridine-Molybdenum Oxide Composite as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Olefin Epoxidation

Figueiredo, S; Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Amarante, TR; Paz, FAA; Soares, R; Lopes, AD; Valente, AA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
2012, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 51, 15, 8629-8635.

Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of Molybdenum(VI) Complexes with Tris(3,5-dimethyl-1-pyrazolyl)methane

Neves, P; Gago, S; Balula, SS; Lopes, AD; Valente, AA; Cunha-Silva, L; Paz, FAA; Pillinger, M; Rocha, J; Silva, CM; Goncalves, IS
2011, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 50, 8, 3490-3500.

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