Allu Amarnath Reddy

PhD Student
Mr. Allu Amarnath Reddy research is dedicated towards the "Self-healing glass and glass-ceramic sealing materials for high temperature Solid Oxide Fuel-Cells (SOFC's)". The depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the emission of greenhouse gases constitute a menace to the present and the future generations in terms of energy availability, environmental pollution, global warming and health hazards. Hydrogen has been identified as a potential alternative fuel as well as an energy carrier for the current and future energy supply. Due to their ability to operate on any hydrocarbon fuel, both conventional and biomass, or hydrogen, suggests that Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) can play a critical role in both our current and future energy solutions. In addition to fuel flexibility, SOFCs are 45-65% efficient (total system efficiency 85%) in the conversion of fuel to electricity unheard of by any other technology. However, gas-tight sealing is a basic requirement in most of the SOFC's inparticular planar-SOFC. Most recently, there has been a dramatic revival of interest in glass- and glass-ceramic-to-metal seals, for the reason that most of the SOFCs seal requirements are able to meet with these materials. 

Substantial work is in progress with Mr. Allu Amarnath Reddy aiming at improving the performance of clinopyroxene and Melilite based glass and glass-ceramicsealants under extreme operating conditions of current fuel cell designs, which involve both high temperatures and highly corrosive environments

Other scientific interest is the investigation of nano/micro crystalline phosphor materials for white light emitting diodes.


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