Avito Rebelo

PhD Student

Short CV

Selected Publications

Upconversion Properties of the Er-Doped Y2O3, Bi2O3 and Sb2O3 Nanoparticles Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid Media

CHIN. PHYS. LETT. Vol. 30, No. 11 (2013) 118103; DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/30/11/118103

Reza Zamiri, Hamid-Reza Bahari-Poor, Avito Rebelo, Azmi Zakaria1, Raheleh Jor, Akrajas Ali Omar, Golnoosh Zamiri


Effects of rare-earth (Er, La and Yb) doping on morphology and structure properties of ZnO nanostructures prepared by wet chemical method

Ceramics International, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2013.06.034

Reza Zamiri; A.F. Lemos; Avito Rebelo; Hossein Abbastabar Ahangar; J.M.F. Ferreira;


Er doped ZnO nanoplates: Synthesis, optical and dielectric properties

Ceramics International, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2013.07.054

Reza Zamiri, Ajay Kaushal, Avito Rebelo, J.M.F. Ferreira


Electrical properties of Ag-doped ZnO nano-plates synthesized via wet chemical precipitation method

Ceramics International, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2013.08.120

Reza Zamiri, B.K. Singh, Dibakar Dutta, Avito Rebelo, J.M.F. Ferreira


A simple recipe for direct writing complex 45S5 Bioglass® 3D scaffolds

Materials Letters, Volume 93, 15 February 2013, Pages 68-71

Siamak Eqtesadi, Azadeh Motealleh, Pedro Miranda, Alexandra Lemos, Avito Rebelo, José M.F. Ferreira


Balamurugan A; Rebelo A H S; Lemos A F; Rocha J H G; Ventura J M G; Ferreira J M F

Suitability evaluation of sol-gel derived Si-substituted hydroxyapatite for dental and maxillofacial applications through in vitro osteoblasts response.

Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials 2008;24(10):1374-80.


Balamurugan A; Balossier G; Laurent-Maquin D; Pina S; Rebelo A H S; Faure J; Ferreira J M F

An in vitro biological and anti-bacterial study on a sol-gel derived silver-incorporated bioglass system.

Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials 2008;24(10):1343-51.


A. Balamurugan, S. Rajeswari, G. Balossier, A.H.S. Rebelo and J.M.F. Ferreira.

Corrosion aspects of metallic implants- An Overview.



Ganesh, Ibram; Olhero, Susana M.; Rebelo, Avito H.; Ferreira, J. M. F.

Formation and Densification Behavior of MgAl2O4 Spinel: The Influence of Processing Parameters

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Volume 91, Number 6, June 2008 , pp. 1905-1911(7)


Kannan S, Goetz-Neunhoeffer F, Neubauer J, Rebelo AH, Valério P, Ferreira JM.

Rietveld structure and in vitro analysis on the influence of magnesium in biphasic (hydroxyapatite and beta-tricalcium phosphate) mixtures.

J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2008 Dec 23


Balamurugan A; Balossier G; Michel J; Kannan S; Benhayoune H; Rebelo A H S; Ferreira J M F

Sol gel derived SiO(2)-CaO-MgO-P(2)O(5) bioglass system--preparation and in vitro characterization.

Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials 2007;83(2):546-53.


Balamurugan A; Rebelo A; Kannan S; Ferreira J M F; Michel J; Balossier G; Rajeswari S

Characterization and in vivo evaluation of sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti6Al4V substrates.

Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials 2007;81(2):441-7.


Balamurugan Anbalagan; Balossier Gerard; Kannan Sanjeevi; Michel Jean; Rebelo Avito H S; Ferreira Jose M F

Development and in vitro characterization of sol-gel derived CaO-P2O5-SiO2-ZnO bioglass.

Acta biomaterialia 2007;3(2):255-62.


S. Kannan, A. Rebelo, A.F. Lemos, A. Barba, J.M.F. Ferreira

Synthesis and mechanical behaviour of chlorapatite and chlorapatite/β-TCP composites

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 27, Issue 5, 2007, Pages 2287-2294


S. Kannan; Rebelo A; Ferreira J M F

Novel synthesis and structural characterization of fluorine and chlorine co-substituted hydroxyapatites.

Journal of inorganic biochemistry 2006;100(10):1692-7.


Lemos AF; Rebelo AHS; Rocha JHG; Ferreira JMF

A Method for Simultaneously Precipitating and Dispersing Nano-Sized Calcium Phosphate Suspensions


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