Co-Polymers based on Poly(1,4-butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) and Poly(propylene oxide) with Tuneable Thermal Properties: Synthesis and Characterization
authors Matos, M; Sousa, AF; Mendonca, PV; Silvestre, AJD
nationality International
author keywords 2; 5-Furandicarboxylic acid; poly(propylene oxide); poly(ester-ether) co-polymers; tuneable thermal properties
abstract Poly(ether ester)s (PEEs) represent a promising class of segmented co-polymers, nevertheless the synthesis of PEEs based on renewable 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) is still scarce. In this context, a series of poly(1,4-butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate)-co-poly(poly(propylene oxide) 2,5-furandicarboxylate) co-polyesters with different composition of stiff poly(1,4-butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) (PBF) and soft poly(poly(propylene oxide) 2,5-furandicarboxylate) (PPOF) moieties were synthesized, via a two-step bulk polytransesterification reaction. The molar ratio of PBF/PPOF incorporated was varied (10 to 50 mol%) in order to prepare several novel materials with tuned properties. The materials were characterised in detail through several techniques, namely ATR FTIR, H-1 and C-13 NMR, TGA, DSC, DMTA and XRD. Their hydrolytic and enzymatic degradation evaluation was also assessed. These new co-polymers showed either a semi-crystalline nature when higher PBF/PPOF ratios were used, and for approximately equal amounts of PBF and PPOF an amorphous co-polyester was obtained instead.
publisher MDPI
issn 1996-1944
year published 2019
volume 12
issue 2
digital object identifier (doi) 10.3390/ma12020328
web of science category Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
subject category Materials Science
unique article identifier WOS:000459719000132
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