Electrochemical Materials, Interfaces and Coatings


foto Aleksey Yaremchenko

Aleksey Yaremchenko

Principal Researcher
foto Ana Violeta Girão

Ana Violeta Girão

Junior Researcher
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Andrei Kavaleuski

Principal Researcher
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Andrei Salak

Assistant Researcher
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António Alexandre Cunha Bastos

Assistant Researcher
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Atul Prabhakar Jamale

Junior Researcher
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Augusto Luís Barros Lopes

Assistant Professor
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Cristina Sofia dos Santos Neves

Junior Researcher
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Daniela Vanessa Rosendo Lopes

Junior Researcher
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Filipe José Alves de Oliveira

Principal Researcher
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Filipe Miguel H Lebre R Figueiredo

Principal Researcher
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Francielly Roussenq Cesconeto

Junior Researcher
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Georgina Miranda

Assistant Professor
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Hugo Alexandre Gonçalves da Rocha Fernandes

Junior Researcher
foto Isabel Cristina de Sá Correia de Sousa

Isabel Cristina de Sá Correia de Sousa

Junior Researcher
foto João Grilo

João Grilo

Junior Researcher

Multifunctional materials for energy conversion, conservation, storage and CO2 separation purposes.

foto João Tedim

João Tedim

Associate Professor

Surfaces and multifunctional coatings to extend materials durability

foto Jorge Filipe Moreira dos Santos

Jorge Filipe Moreira dos Santos

Junior Researcher
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José Carlos Martins de Almeida

Junior Researcher
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Kiryl Yasakau

Assistant Researcher
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Maksim Starykevich

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Manuel Souto Salom

Invited Assistant Professor
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Mariana Banea

Assistant Professor
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Miguel Ângelo da Costa Neto

Junior Researcher
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Paula Cristina Vieira Barbosa

Junior Researcher
foto Pavel Zelenovskii

Pavel Zelenovskii

foto Ricardo Manuel Fonseca Lopes da Silva

Ricardo Manuel Fonseca Lopes da Silva

Junior Researcher
foto Rui Ramos Ferreira e Silva

Rui Ramos Ferreira e Silva

Associate Professor

Surface Engineering

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Shahed Rasekh

Junior Researcher
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Adélio Fumo

PhD Student
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Aleksandr Bamburov

PhD Student
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Alesia Sushkova

PhD Student
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Alice Maria da Costa Marciel Trabulo

PhD Student
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Bernardo Loureiro Tavares

PhD Student
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Carlos Pedro Esteves Matos

PhD Student
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Diogo João Breda Lopes

PhD Student
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Duarte Félix Macedo

PhD Student
foto Fabiana Yamasaki Martins Vieira

Fabiana Yamasaki Martins Vieira

PhD Student
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Francisco Leite

PhD Student
foto Goncalo Valente

Goncalo Valente

PhD Student
foto Inês Esteves de Oliveira

Inês Esteves de Oliveira

PhD Student
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Mariana Pinto

PhD Student
foto Miguel Amado Vieira

Miguel Amado Vieira

PhD Student
foto Parisa Amir Khizi

Parisa Amir Khizi

PhD Student
foto Pedro Miguel César Barbosa Ferreira

Pedro Miguel César Barbosa Ferreira

PhD Student
foto Priscilla Oliveira Brosler

Priscilla Oliveira Brosler

PhD Student
foto Raquel Dias Dantas

Raquel Dias Dantas

PhD Student
foto Rui Gonçalves Pinto

Rui Gonçalves Pinto

Research Fellowship
foto Tiago Filipe Vieira da Silva

Tiago Filipe Vieira da Silva

PhD Student


Additive manufacturing meets mechanobiology – design and fabrication of osteogenic-stimulating implants (ADD2MECHBIO)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Over the years, the number of patients undergoing total hip and knee arthroplasties has been increasing. Due to the lengthened life expectancy and aging population this trend is expected to continue and the number of patients that will outlive their first prosthesis will also rise (patients that will need revision surgeries). These implants impa...

AM2R - Agenda Mobilizadora para a inovação empresarial do setor das Duas Rodas (AM2R (Novas ferramentas de metal duro aplicadas à indústria de duas rodas))

Industry NationalPartner
The Mobilizing Agenda for business innovation in the Two-Wheeled Sector aims to operationalize the intervention in priority areas in the value chain that will allow the transformation of the national production profile and the development of a new specialization profile in the sector to leverage its competitive position in the internati...

Civil Engineering And Geomatics Innovative Research On Heritage (ENGINEER)

European ComissionPartner
ENGINEER project aims to enhance the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) research and innovation potentials through coordination and support actions provided by the Twinning call. Built upon its unique character, as the single University Department of the country where Civil and Geo...

Eco-friendly corrosion protective coatings based on smart nanotechnology platforms for a circular economy (COAT4LIFE)

European ComissionCoordinator
Corrosion can lead to financial losses in addition to having a negative effect on public health and safety. This is why its control is imperative economically, environmentally as well as aesthetically. Adding to this field, the EU-funded COAT4LIFE project aims to develop eco-friendly multifunctional coatings that have the ability to detect and p...

EcoCerâmica e Cristal de Portugal (ECOCERAMICA (2))

Industry NationalPartner
The ECP Pact assumes itself as an integrative and transversal proposal for the Ceramics and Crystal sectors, oriented towards its critical factors of competitiveness and aiming at an improvement of the international positioning.Focusing on 4 core thematic areas - energy sustainability, circular economy and industrial symbioses, digital ...

Hi-rEV - Recuperação do Setor de Componentes Automóveis (Hi-rEV (HIREV1))

Industry NationalPartner
The automotive industry has seen several developments in recent years that have reshaped the future of the mobility sector. The various players in the automotive value chain will have to respond to: the pandemic economic recovery, the energy transition, the digital transformation and the restructuring of the national and European manufa...

ILLIANCE (ILLIANCE (WP2 - Desenvolvimento de novos e avançados (IoT) esquentadores de água quente sanitária, como antecipação da transição energética/eletrificação da economia))

Industry NationalPartner
ILLIANCE Agenda embodies a complex ecosystem of integrated projects which aims at addressing the goal of carbon neutrality of the buildings sector, which represents 40% of global CO2 emissions. The adopted approach adopted is based on the development of complementary technologies associated with 3 core pillars, i.e.: health, comfort and...

Molecular design of electrically conductive COFs as efficient electrodes for lithium batteries (ELECTROCOFS)

European ComissionCoordinator
Used to power electric vehicles and store renewable energy, Li-ion batteries (LIBs) can help reduce carbon emissions. However, LIBs are based on transition metal oxide cathodes. This means they have limited energy density, and it also raises environmental concerns. The EU-funded ELECTROCOFS project will explore organic materials as alternative e...


Industry NationalPartner
The New Generation Storage (NGS) Innovation Pact is completely aligned with the European Union's energy transition strategy until 2040, and the challenge for the complete electrification of mobility by 2035. Based on a model structured in 8 Work Packages that cover the entire value chain of component production, battery packs and r...


Industry NationalPartner
The New Generation Storage (NGS) Innovation Pact is completely aligned with the European Union's energy transition strategy until 2040, and the challenge for the complete electrification of mobility by 2035. Based on a model structured in 8 Work Packages that cover the entire value chain of component production, battery packs and r...

NGS - New Generation Storage (NGS (WP7-BP20 TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM))

Industry NationalPartner
The New Generation Storage (NGS) Innovation Pact is completely aligned with the European Union's energy transition strategy until 2040, and the challenge for the complete electrification of mobility by 2035. Based on a model structured in 8 Work Packages that cover the entire value chain of component production, battery packs and r...

Novel approach to Power-to-Fuel: comprehensive studies of anodic processes in Direct Carbon Solid Oxide Fuel-assisted Electrolysis Cell (DC-SOFEC)

Other InternationalPartner

Redox-active Metal-Organic Frameworks as Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries (RedoxMOFs)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
One of the main concerns of modern society is reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. Due to their low cost and low environmental impact, electrical energy storage devices are among the most promising alternatives to conventional fossil fuels, as the electricity generated from renewable sources may be efficiently stored. In particular, lithium-...

Sustainable Surface Treatments of Complex Shape Components for Transsectorial Industrial Innovation (SURE2COAT)

European ComissionPartner
Light alloys, like Al, have shown to be good options for replacing steel in many sectors due to higher thermal conductivity and weight reduction they allow, which has become crucial e.g. for e-mobility. However, without protection, recycled Al is prone to corrosion under operation in harsh environments (e.g. heat exchangers in heat storage units...

Transição para a fábrica do futuro (DRIVOLUTION (3))

Industry NationalPartner
The Drivolution Agenda aims to promote the creation of a Factory of the Future model, based on actions capable of responding to the challenges underlying the energy transition and digital transformation in the automotive sector, allowing to create the foundations for a smart, sustainable, inclusive and resilient growth.In order to creat...

Transição para a fábrica do futuro (DRIVOLUTION (4))

Industry NationalPartner
The Drivolution Agenda aims to promote the creation of a Factory of the Future model, based on actions capable of responding to the challenges underlying the energy transition and digital transformation in the automotive sector, allowing to create the foundations for a smart, sustainable, inclusive and resilient growth.In order to creat...

1-D nanostructures obtained by electrodeposition from ionic liquids (PTDC/CTM-NAN/113570/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Ionic Liquids Electrochemistry Nanostructures Metals

Acid-functionalised hybrid membranes for intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (HyPEM) (PTDC/CTM-CER/109843/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
fuel cells proton exchange membranes organic/inorganic hybrids proton conductor

Activation of solid oxide cell electrodes by electrocatalytic agents for enhanced energy conversion efficiency at reduced temperatures (ACT-SOC)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Add additive manufacturing to Portuguese industry (Add.Additive)

Industry NationalPartner
O Fabrico Aditivo (FA) é uma tecnologia de produção que permite produzir peças com formas complexas a partir de dados digitais. No contexto de competitividade industrial que se verifica atualmente, o FA é uma tecnologia que tem de ser explorada, na medida em que pode responder às exigências do mercado pelo facto de gerar soluções céleres e permi...

Advanced Electroceramics: Grain Boundary Engineering (Advanced Electroceramics)

European ComissionPartner
The main objective of the COST Action 525 was to understand the role played by grain boundaries in controlling the manufacture, microstructure and properties of electronic ceramics. Components made out such materials have enhanced properties, improved stability and reduced unit cost. The Action revealed also new opportunities for existing and de...

Advanced Lightweight Impact Resistant: Materials, Components and Structures (ALIR_mcs)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto ALIR_mcs – Advanced Lightweight Impact Resistant: materials, components and structures, visa conceber uma solução compósita de baixo peso com capacidade de resistir a solicitações de impacto de baixa, média e alta energia. Pretende-se que esta solução venha a obter a certificação aeronáutica civil (EASA CS-VLA), de modo a poder aplicar...

Advanced Tools for Smart Manufacturing (Tooling4G)

Industry NationalPartner
A globalização dos mercados é uma realidade bem presente e inescapável. As empresas conscientes desta realidade sabem que só podem ser competitivas se forem capazes de criar internamente condições de flexibilidade produtiva, de produzir e gerir conhecimento e, assim, conseguirem ultrapassar os desafios impostos diariamente por atuais e potenciai...

Anodic films on light metals obtained by novel high-voltage pulsed anodizing technique (PTDC/CTM/72223/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
anodic films light metals pulsed anodizing corrosion

AtCorAS - Modeling of atmospheric corrosion of steel protected by aluminium based alloys applied by hot dip processing (AtCorAS)

European ComissionPartner
In this project a modelling tool is developed and validated for the understanding of the atmospheric corrosion behaviour of steel protected by aluminium based alloys, applied by hot dip processing. In particular, the role of additives (Mg, Si, Zn ...) is studied.The research aims to model the impact of the metallic coating compositio...

Aumento da produtividade com ferramentas revestidas a diamante CVD (PRODIAM)

Industry NationalPartner
Este projeto teve como base todo o trabalho já desenvolvido entre a UA e a DURIT e que permitiu validar a tecnologia dos revestimentos de diamante do ponto de vista de conceito e de aplicação, mas utilizando reatores laboratoriais de deposição química em fase vapor assistida por filamento quente (HFCVD). Estando identificada a necessidade concre...

Bacterial Cellulose Membranes for Proton Exchange Fuel Cells (EXPL/CTM-ENE/0548/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Bacterial cellulose fuell cells proton exchange membranes in situ polymerization/grafting

BIO-TRIBODIAM - DLC and CVD diamond coated Si3N4 ceramics for tribological and biomedical purposes (BIO-TRIBODIAM)

European ComissionCoordinator
The goal of the project is the development and application of highly adherent CVD diamond (in polycrystalline and nanocrystalline NCD- forms) and diamond like carbon (DLC) coatings on compatible Si3N4 materials.This ceramic presents a close thermal expansion coefficient to that of diamond, reducing the thermal stresses at...

BIOCORDIAN – Ultramicroelétrodos de SECM em Diamante Nanocristalino para Biologia e Corrosão (PTDC/CTM-MET/113645/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Ultramicroelectrode Nanocrystalline CVD diamond Scanning electrochemistry Corrosion

Caracterizacao da conducao termica em nanoescala utilizando metodos de varrimento de sonda para guiar a sintese de ceramicas termoeletricas (NANOCERAMPROBE)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
thermoelectrics; scanning probe microscopy; thermal conduction; microstructure

CARBIFINO - Concepção de novos graus de metal duro de granulometria sub-a nono-micrométrica com elevada resistência ao desgaste erosivo (CARBIFINO)

Industry NationalPartner
Pretende-se apresentar soluções inovadoras para responder às solicitações prementes do mercado consumidor do metal duro no sentido do prolongamento do tempo de vida de componentes sujeitos a desgaste erosivo, das indústrias extractivas de petróleo e gás natural e indústrias química e farmacêutica. Com este fim, desenvolver-se-ão novas composiçõe...

Carbon-depolarized high-temperature steam electrolysis (CARBOSTEAM)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

CardioLeather Project: Smart Leather for Health, Wellbeing, and Safety Monitoring in Automotive Vehicles (CARDIOLEATHER)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto CardioLeather visa o desenvolvimento de um couro-condutor integrado com dispositivos de aquisição de sinais fisiológicos, para serem aplicados em volantes e outras superficies do interior do veiculo, permitindo a monitorização não intrusiva da identidade e sa&am...

Cellular oxide catalysts for emission lean combustion in porous media (LEANCOMB)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
cellular ceramics, combustion, catalysts, functionalization

Ceramic floors with high wear resistance (CERU4)

Industry NationalPartner
This project aims to develop decorated porcelainized ceramic floor tiles, with high wear resistance, consistent with the maximum level U4 advocated in Mazaud test under the UPEC classification. At the same time, aesthetic and visual changes of the material must be minimized, so that solutions can cover very broad chromatic and aesthetic range. I...

Ceria-based electrocatalysts for low (<200 °C) and intermediate (500-650 °C) temperature fuel cells (Acção integrada Portugal-Argentina PO1404)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Complex oxide electrolytes for energy conversion technologies: Mechanosynthesis and electrochemical characterization (FCT/Eslováquia 2019/2020 (441.00))

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Controlling the degradation of MAGnesium alloys for biomedical applications using Innovative smart COATings (MAGICOAT)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Core-shell ceramic membranes with nano-sized grains for oxygen separation and syn-gas production (POCI/CTM/59727/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Core-shell ceramics perovskites nanoceramics oxygen electrochemical permeation

Cork as a sustainable and added value in the development of multifunctional coatings (PTDC/CTM-MAT/2502/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
multifunctional coating cork sustainable anticorrosion

Corrosion adn corrosion protection in multi-material systems (PTDC/CTM/108446/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Corrosion Composite Materials Inhibitor Metals

Dados Inteligentes para Desenhar Inibidores de Corrosão (DataCor)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

DecorGlass : Decoration Techniques for the Glass (DecorGlass)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto DecorGlass visa a criação de uma nova gama de peças de vidro decoradas, com matérias-primas e técnicas inovadoras. A decoração assenta na coloração homogénea da massa vítrea e na decoração da superfície do vidro, quer por aplicação de películas decorativas, quer pela gravação por feixe laser. Para além disso, pretende-se desenvolver no...

Degradation in Li-batteries: a Scanning Probe Microscopy Approach (LI-SPM)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Baterias de Li; Microscopia de Deformacao Eletroquímica; Microscopia de Forca por Sonda Kelvin; Degradacao

Desenho Inovador de Catalisadores À Base De Carbono Nanocompósitos: Produção de Gás de Sintese Rico em H2 A Partir de Resíduos Plástico (REPOLY)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Desenvolvimento de biomateriais não sinterizáveis à base de fosfatos de cálcio com bi-funcionalidade: regeneração e tratamento de cancro ósseo (2BBone)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Design de materiais termoeletricos avancados por efeitos redox: Progressos para aplicacoes de alta temperatura . (REMOTE)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Development and characterization of ceramic composite materials for thermomechanical applications (REEQ/1066/CTM/2005)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
The developed project allowed the acquisition of two pieces of equipment: a high temperature graphite furnace (max. 2000ºC) of semi-industrial size with controlled atmosphere, for sintering of ceramic composites, and an universal mechanical testing machine for flexural, compressive and creep characterization up to 1400°C of those materials in co...

Development and design of novel multiFUNctional PEO COATings (FUNCOAT)

European ComissionPartner
The main objective of the proposal is the development of multi-purpose, multi-functional surfaces via environmentally friendly plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) treatments. In an intelligent way the weakness of the PEO process (the inherent porosity due to the discharges forming the coating is often responsible for poor properties) is used to ...

Development of a Premium Line of Sustainable Cristal Glass (Cristal Eco Premium)

Industry NationalPartner
Promoted by a consortium joined by Vista Alegre Atlantis, S.A. (leading promoter) and Universidade de Aveiro e a Universidade do Porto, the Cristal Ecpo Premium project has as an overall objective the development of a new line of sustainable crystal glass products with high added value, for the luxury packaging segment, through the development o...

Development of new interstitial oxide-ion conductors for effective oxygen separation and conversion of the hydrocarbons (POCI/CTM/59197/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
mixed ion and electron conductor ionic conductivity oxygen permeability hydrocarbon partial oxidation

Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning (SIDERWIN)

European ComissionPartner
For the time being, there are no economically feasible steelmaking technologies available having the potential to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030. At best, a 15% decrease in the overall CO2 intensity of the sector could be achieved throughout the widespread dissemination of technologies that could reasonably become co...

Development of new nanostructured hybrid sol-gel coatings modified with organic inhibitors for corrosion protection of metallic substrates (POCI/CTM/59234/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
corrosion Coating sol-gel Inhibitor

Development of novel mixed proton and electron conducing (MPEC) ceramic membranes for the technology of pure hydrogen separation (PTDC/CTM/66243/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
condutores mistos separação de hidrogénio Ceramicos Ceratos permeabilidade

Development of smart nano and microcapsulated sensing coatings for improving of material durability/performance (SMARCOAT)

European ComissionCoordinator
The project aims to develop an innovative approach to impart sensing functionality and detect substrate degradation. The degradation processes targeted will be corrosion of metallic substrates and mechanical damage by impact on fibre reinforced plastics and composites (FRP), used as structural components in the vehicle industry worldwide. The in...

Development of SMART nanostructured layers for sensing corrosion in AQUAtic structures (SMARTAQUA)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Corrosion is a result of thermodynamically-driven processed which occur due to the interaction of active metal alloys with the surrounding environment, leading to the degradation of metallic structures. The problem is particularly relevant in maritime offshore structures due to aggressive conditions such as high salinity and humidity. Although t...

digiGRÉS - Investigação e desenvolvimento de gama de tableware em grés fino com decoração digital (digiGRÉS)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto digiGRÉS, a realizar em consórcio pela Grestel e Universidade de Aveiro, tem como principal objetivo o desenvolvimento de uma gama de produtos para tableware em grés fino com decoração através de impressão digital (linha digiGRÉS) e tratamento com radiação laser, representando uma etapa determinante na modernização e inovação dos produ...

DURADH - Durability of adhesively bonded surfaces of finished galvanized steels in corrosive environments (DURADH)

European ComissionPartner
New steel compositions and novel surface modification technologies aim at improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. However, the durability of adhesive joints between these advanced materials especially in corrosive environments are mostly below expectations. This proposal aims at an improved understanding of adhesion, de-adhesion...

Electrochemical Conversion of Fuels (ECOFUELS) (REEQ/710/CTM/2005)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
The improvement of our scientific infrastructures served our goal to pursue internationalization through international projects or other collaborations, interexchange of students, co-authorship of large numbers of scientific papers and participation in the organization of scientific events. The team also established stronger contacts with other ...

Electropolymerised Coatings Used as Pre-Treatment for Aluminium Alloys (POCI/CTM/60064/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Aluminium Pre-Treatment Electropolymerization Conductive Polymers

Enhanced manufacturing of aluminium alloys products for environmentally transportation sector (EMAPETS)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner

Exploratory Research Project: Kyril Yasakao (IF/01284/2015)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Fabricação aditiva de componentes em metal duro (3D.Carbide)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto 3D.Carbide tem como objetivo desenvolver a fabricação aditiva (AM-Additive Manufacturing) para aplicação na indústria de componentes em metal duro, apresentando-se como uma tecnologia promissora para componentes funcionais de elevado valor acrescentado, produzidos em pequenas séries.

Facing the challenges of characterizing novel thermal materials and processes (Heat@UA) (RECI/CTM-CER/0336/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Thermal properties of materials Thermal processes Thermometry Nano-scale studies

Fault-tolerant anticorrosion coatings for magnesium alloys (PTDC/CTM-MET/112831/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
magnesium alloys corrosion protection anodizing sol-gel coatings

Formability of third generation advanced high strength steels (NanosFLiD)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner

Fornos limpos de alta temperatura para novas tecnologias de fabrico aditivo e ligas de alta entropia (HiTClean)

Industry NationalPartner
O HiTClean tem como objetivo desenvolver novos fornos de atmosfera controlada e alta temperatura, completamente metálicos no interior, sem utilização de grafite e por isso considerados limpos pois previnem a oxidação dos materiais a ser processados e evitam a contaminação dos mesmos com carbono.

FUNACOP - Nanomateriais para aplicação em revestimentos funcionais (FUNACOP)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto tem como principal objetivo investigar a viabilidade da produção industrial de um determinado conjunto de nanomateriais (nanocontentores) para libertação controlada de espécies ativas para aplicação em revestimentos funcionais, nomeadamente revestimentos contra a corrosão. A utilização de nanocontentores com espécies ativas apresenta v...

Functionally graded aluminium matrix composites obtained by centrifugal casting: processing, characterisation and modelling (POCTI/CTM/12301/2001)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
In this project a centrifugal induction casting technique will be used in order to produce aluminium-based FGMMCs, with controlled distribution of ceramic particles. The main aims of the project are the following:- To study and model the influence of the processing conditions and of the composition ofthe aluminium alloy and ceramic r...

Graphenest’s New Engineered System and its Implementation Solutions (GNESIS)

Industry NationalPartner
Aumentar para uma escala industrial a tecnologia da Graphenest e demonstrar a aplicabilidade do grafeno obtido em três áreas de aplicação distintas: Tintas anticorrosivas; Polímeros com escudo eletromagnético; Elétrodos de telas táteis.

Harnessing third-harmonic generation in graphene-coated optics -new devices for ultrafast pulse measurement and frequency upconversion (UltraGraf)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner

Healing of solid oxide fuel cell materials (HEALING)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner

Hierarchical Nanostructures for Lithium-Ion Batteries (PTDC/CTM-NAN/110776/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nanoparticles Nanostructures Assembly Batteries

IERO-Iron production by Electrochemical Reduction of its Oxide for high CO2 mitigation (IERO)

European ComissionPartner
The present proposal aims at developing a breakthrough technology to produce steel without any direct CO2 emissions. The solution consists in using electricity directly to decompose iron oxide into metal and oxygen. The proposal is following up on the ULCOS program, during which the key phenomena controlling the efficiency of the electrochemical...

Innovative Products and Technologies from Eucalyptus Project (InPacTus)

Industry NationalPartner
Inpactus, to be developed by the Consortium, aims to develop new solutions, such as cellulosic pulps with innovative features, new paper products with different specificities and functions, tissue paper with innovative properties, new bioproducts, biofuels and other materials obtained from the deconstruction and conversion of forest biomass and ...

Investigation of mechanical and ion transport processes in nikelate-based ceramic membranes under high oxygen chemical potential gradient (INTAS-2000-00276)

European ComissionPartner
Dense oxide membranes exhibiting mixed oxygen ionic and electronic conductivity have become of great interest as a potentially economical, clean and efficient means of partial hydrocarbons oxidizing and oxygen generation by membrane separation from air. Such membranes typically operate at temperatures in the range 970-1170 K. Oxygen permeable ce...

KINSREP - Prediction of the kinetics of self-repair of forming-induced defects on thin functional primers for
advanced automotive applications (KINSREP)

European ComissionPartner
the project deals with self-healing on ultra-thin conductive primers (graphite containing) applied on electrogalvanised steel. The objectives are improved understanding of corrosion/repassivation at defects, the study of the applicability of electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to assess micro-scale processes and the introduc...

KnowledgeH2 - Improving Hydrogen Energy knowledge arround European Union (KnowledgeH2)

European ComissionPartner
In this project, creating new educational materials related with hydrogen energy in the other name hydrogen economy which is not developed yet, to improve knowledge is aimed. For this purpose, created video and audio files, tests and texts is being tried to disseminate by website. Hence, 10 partner foundation and institution employees from diffe...

Laboratory for Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices (REEQ/796/CTM/2005)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
The equipment has benn installed November 2007. Actions developed: - research and development of new biomedical materials and implants; - share in the effort of the University of Aveiro to establish a local strategy in the field of Health Sciences; - collaboration in research activities within CICECO (Research Centre for Ceramics and Composites)

Long Lasting reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating (LORCENIS)

European ComissionPartner
The main goal of the LORCENIS project is to develop long reinforced concrete for energy infrastructures with lifetime extended up to a 100% under extreme operating conditions. The concept is based on an optimal combinationof novel technologies involving customized methodologies for cost-efficient operation. 4 scenarios of severe oper...

Manufatura aditiva de compósitos de base cerâmica para componentes mecânicos (3DCompCer)

Industry NationalPartner
Promovido por um consórcio composto pela PALBIT,S.A.(promotor líder), pelas Universidades de Aveiro e de Coimbra, o projeto 3DCompCer visa o desenvolvimento de ferramentas de maquinação complexas através de técnicas inovadoras de manufatura aditiva, nomeadamente fresas, com sistem...

Materials for novel concepts of high-temperature electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems (IF/01072/2013/CP1162/CT0001)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Materials for Selective Oxygen Separation Membranes (POCTI/CTM/14170/2001)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

MATSILC - Novel Materials for Silicate-Based Fuel Cells (MATSILC)

European ComissionPartner
The main scientific objective of the MatSILC project is to develop an alternative concept of SOFCs based on novel low cost silicate based electrolytes, and suitable processing technologies for the corresponding cell components. This project has the potential to overcome some degradation problems associated with SOFCs based on alternative electro...

Mechanical and microstructural behaviour of advanced high strength steels sheets under monotonic and complex deformation paths (PTDC/EMS-TEC/2404/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Metal forming Plastic deformation Dislocation structures Constitutive model

Metal/Ceramic Joining for Biomedical Applications: Processing Conditions vs Microstructure vs Mechanical and Corrosion Behaviour (POCTI/CTM/33384/1999)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Metal/Ceramic Joining Biomedical Applications Structural Characterisation Degradation Behaviour

Metalização inovadora e ecológica de plásticos por PVD e CVD assistido por plasma (PlasCoat)

Industry NationalPartner

Mixed Conducting Membranes for Partial Oxidation of Natural Gas to Synthesis Gas (NATO - SFP SYNGAS 978002)

Other InternationalCoordinator

Mobilizar competências tecnológicas em Engenharia de Superficies (ON-SURF)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto ON-SURF é um Programa Mobilizador que envolve transversalmente empresas Nacionais de diferentes sectores de atividade e entidades não empresariais do SI&I, num consórcio alargado, em torno do eixo prioritário na Agenda da Inovação Internacional, a Engenharia de Superfícies. Pretende-se desenvolver e aplicar processos de m...

MULTI-functional metallic SURFaces via active Layered Double Hydroxide treatments (MULTISURF)

European ComissionPartner
The project will develop active multi-functional surfaces with high level of self-healing ability on the basis of Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) structures formed on different industrially relevant metallic substrates. The main idea of the project is based on “smart” triggered release on demand for functional organic or inorganic anionic compoun...

Multi-Functional Nanocomposite Materials For Low-Temperature Ceramic Fuel Cells (NANOMFC )

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
The aim of the project is to provide a world-class fuel cell through combining high-level research expertise and multidisciplinary know-how from leading research groups in EU and India. The project is highly innovative and includes risky research going beyond present state-of-the art in the field. To achieve the aim, three major objectives have ...

MULTIFOX: Nanometric Probing and Modification of Multiferroic Oxides (PTDC/FIS/105416/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
multiferroic magnetic piezoforce microscopy nanostructured materials

Multifunctional nanostructured conversion films based on Layered Double hydroxides for corrosion protection of aeronautical structures (PTDC/CTM-MAT/1515/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Conversion films layered double hydroxides active corrosion protection controlled released

Multifunctional polymer nanocomposite flexible films for electrocaloric cooling and energy storage applications: Towards advanced electronics (EXPL/CTM-CTM/0687/2021)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

MULTIPROTECT - Advanced Environmentally Friendly Multifunctional Corrosion Protection by Nanotechnology (MULTIPROTECT)

European ComissionPartner
Corrosion is still one of the most serious processes for the destruction of investment goods, and in Europe far more than 100 billion of are lost every year. Presently corrosion protection strongly relies on the use of hazardous heavy metals like chromiu m. The aim of the IP MULTIPROTECT is to provide a generally applicable, highly innovative, h...

MUST - Multi-level protection of materials for vehicles by "Smart" nanocontainers (MUST )

European ComissionPartner
The project MUST will provide new technologies based on active multi-level protective systems for future vehicle materials. “Smart” release nanocontainers will be developed and incorporated in commercial paints, lacquers and adhesive systems to prepare new products exhibiting self-healing properties. A multi-level self-healing approach will comb...

NANEL - Functional ordered NANomaterials via ELectrochemical routes in non-aqueous electrolytes (NANEL)

European ComissionCoordinator
The NANEL joint exchange project aims to establish long-lasting research cooperation between Portuguese, Bulgarian, Belgian, Belarusian and Russian scientists in the field of electrochemical synthesis of advanced nanostructured materials. The collaborative consortium joins together a critical mass of the expertise available in the involved group...

Nano-argilas para remoção/captura de fosfatos (P) e sua reutilização como fertilizante (NATURAL)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto NATURAL visa o desenvolvimento de nano-argilas (LDHs) enquanto solução integradora e sustentável no ciclo do P, contribuindo para uma transição da economia linear para economia circular no que a este elemento crítico (classificado pela EU) diz respeito. Assim, ser&at...

NanoBarrier - Extended shelf-life biopolymers for sustainable and multifunctional food packaging solutions (NanoBarrier)

European ComissionPartner
The overall concept of NanoBarrier is to develop a new nanotechnology platform based on inorganic-organic hybrid polymers, microfibrillated cellulose, nanocapsules with controlled permeability and additive technology and combine this with resource-efficient processing technologies to realize safe and extended shelf-life and multifunctional biopo...

NANOCELL - Nanocomposite Electrolytes for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells (PTDC/CTM/098486/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
nanocomposites electrolytes ceramics fuel cells

NANOCOFC - Enhancement of research capabilities on multi-functional Nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)

European ComissionCoordinator
The project aims to enhance research capacities on nanotechnology, multi-functional materials and advanced applications. Material innovations and advances are created on the multi-functional nano-composites concerning superionic conduction; hybrid H+/O2-conduction; nano-composite ionics; and next generation fuel cell technology.

Nanocompósitos cerâmicos produzidos por CIM para componentes anti-desgaste e antiestáticos (WhatCIM)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto WhatCIM tem como objetivo desenvolver novos guia-fios para a indústria de têxteis e o seu processo de fabrico baseados em materiais cerâmicos nanocompósitos e em revestimentos nanoestruturados. Esta inovação será aplicada a casos de estudo com vista a ultrapassar problemas associados ao desgaste e àeletricidade estática, e a demais pro...

Nanocontainer-based active coatings for maritime applications (Acção integrada Luso-Alemã A-30/12)

Other NationalCoordinator

Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films on silicon nitride ceramics for tribological applications - NANODIAM (POCI/CTM/59449/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
nanocrystalline diamond chemical vapour deposition (CVD) tribology silicon nitride

Nanoestruturas híbridas de carbono em MEMS - NanoCarboMEMS (PTDC/CTM-NAN/117284/2010)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
nanocrystalline diamond – NCD carbon nanotubes – CNT hybrid material microelectromechanical systems – MEMS

NANOMAR - Nanocontainer-based active coatings for maritime applications (NANOMAR)

European ComissionCoordinator
NANOMAR project aims at establishing long-lasting scientific collaboration network between European research institutions and scientists from two BRIC countries, namely Brasil and Russian Federation. The collaboration will be established on the basis of synergistic combination of the complementary expertises targeting in development of novel “sm...

NANOSENSORES - Revestimentos auto-sensoriais a impactos mecânicos em estruturas aeronáuticas (NANOSENSORES)

Industry NationalPartner
A aplicação de revestimentos a substratos tem como principal objetivo a proteção e o melhoramento do seu desempenho e aspeto. Em aplicações de elevado desempenho é necessário proteger e dotar o revestimento de capacidade sensorial para detetar e revelar quando o conjunto revestimento/substrato se encontra danificado e o seu desempenho limitado, ...

Nanostructured transition Metal Phosphides for Electrochemical Energy Storage (Mephees)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Transition metal phosphide Nanostructure Electrochemical energy storage Battery

Nanotubes and Nanowires based hybrid nanostructures (PTDC/CTM/098361/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nanotubes and Nanowires Atomic Layer Deposition Nanoparticles Nonaqueous sol-gel chemistry

NATAL - Pré-tratamentos Sol-Gel Nanoestruturados para Ligas de Aluminio Utilizadas em Aeronáutica (NATAL)

Industry NationalPartner
O objectivo do presente projecto consiste no desenvolvimento e implementação industrial de pré-tratamentos para ligas de alumínio para a indústria aeronáutica, utilizando substâncias amigas do ambiente e sem perigos para a saúde. Os tratamentos a estudar serão baseados na utilização de soluções sol-gel contendo nanoreservatórios de inibidor de c...

New Methodology for the production of light weight intermetallic matrix composites with improved mechanical properties (POCI/CTM/57536/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Intermetallics Nanocomposite materials Consolidation Mechanical properties

New nanocontainers with extended functionality based on layered double hydroxides for application in corrosion protection (NANOCONCOR)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

NMC - Novos Materiais Celulósicos (NMC)

Industry NationalPartner
A investigação internacional sobre celulose, o biopolímero mais abundante na natureza, tem revelado possibilidades muito promissoras de criação de novas aplicações de elevado valor acrescentado e consequentemente de valorização da fileira florestal. Acresce que o aumento dos preços do petróleo e uma maior apetência dos consumidores por produtos ...

NobleDec - Nobly Decorated Crystal (NOBLEDEC)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto NobleDec teve como objetivo último o desenvolvimento de uma nova linha de produtos de cristal de elevado valor acrescentado, decorados com metais nobres (com destaque para o ouro), através da pesquisa/desenvolvimento de novos materiais (e.g., tintas decorativas baseadas em suspensões coloidais de nanopartículas de ouro; tintas decorati...

Nova geração de aditivos sustentáveis de base nanotecnológica para revestimentos anti-corrosivos marítimos: uma abordagem multidisciplinar no espaço Atlântico (NANOGREEN)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Five centuries ago, the Unknown was discovered by explorers such as Fernão de Magalhães. Making the parallelism, now, Humanity still needs to face unknown problems to promote sustainable development and knowledge-based economy, in a global change scenario. Metallic corrosion is still an unsolved economic, technical and environmental problem for ...

Novel Anthocyanin-Based Smart Sensors for Food Packaging (FoodSmarTag)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner

Novel Ceramic Membranes for Synthesis Gas Production (POCI/CTM/58570/2004)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
mixed conductor ceramic membrane synthesis gas ionic transport

Novel layered ferrits materials with mixed ionic-electronic conductivity for applications in alternative energy sources (PTDC/CTM/64357/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Mixed conductors Ceramic membranes SOFC electrodes Ionic Transport

Novel methodological approaches to analyze ion transport mechanism in complex crystal lattices and to forecast performance-determining parameters of the oxide materials (PTDC/CTM-CER/114561/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
ionic transport point defects molecular dynamics Moessbauer spectroscopy

Novel molten carbonate/ceramic composite materials for sustainable energy technologies with. CO2 capture and utilization (MOCO3)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
The MOCO3 project focuses on the development of novel composite materials consisting of molten carbonates infiltrated in a solid matrix as functional materials in intermediate temperature fuel cells and CO2 selective membranes. MOCO3 addresses performance and lifetime of these systems by focusing on materials engineering at all length scales (at...

Novos conceitos de catalisadores para oxi-vapor gasificação de biomassa sem alcatrões. (NOTARGAS)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Novos revestimentos PVD sobre polímeros, latão e alumínio para substituição de processos de galvanização de Cr (VI) (SafeChrome)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto SafeChrome visa o desenvolvimento de uma solução híbrida inovadora constituída por revestimentos depositados por PVD em substratos com cromagem trivalente (Cr(III) + PVD). Os sistemas desenvolvidos deverão igualar ou superar as soluções compostas por Cr(VI) em termos de desempenho e serão avaliados de acordo com as exigentes especifica...

ORIEL - Oriented Lanthanum Silicate Thin Film Electrolytes for IT-SOFCS (PTDC/CTM-CER/118933/2010)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Lanthanum Silicate Ionic Conductivity Preferred Orientation SOFC

Phase transitions and morphotropic phase boundary in bismuth-containing oxides with perovskite structure synthesized under high pressure: a search for lead-free piezoelectric materials. (PZT-Free)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

PreciousMet Performance - Porcelana decorada com metais preciosos e com propriedades de superficíe de elevado desempenhopara o mercado HORECA (PRECIOUSMET PERFORMANCE)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto PreciousMet Performance - Porcelana decorada com metais preciosos e com propriedades de superfície de elevado desempenho para o mercado HORECA? promovido pelo consórcio constituído pela empresa Vista Alegre Atlantis, S.A. e pelo Centro de Investigação em Materiais Cerâmicos e Compósitos da Universidade de Aveiro (CICECO) tem como objet...

Precision Machining with CVD Diamond Cutting Tools (DHardTools)

Industry NationalPartner
O projeto DHardTools tem como objetivo o desenvolvimento de ferramentas de metal duro com revestimentos de diamante funcionais para micromaquinagem de materiais ultraduros. O desenvolvimento deste produto apresenta como inovação a possibilidade de alargar o campo de aplicação das ferramentas revestidas com diamante e a monitorização do processo ...

PRIMEFORM - Formability and Self-Repair Properties of Advanced Weldable Primers (PRIMEFORM)

European ComissionPartner
Advanced weldable primers are investigated concerning their formability and self-repair properties.Microscopic and electrochemical investigations are combined with Finite Element Simulation of the degree of forming. Based on the fundamental understanding of the influence of the forming process on the corrosion properties,...

Produção de hidrogénio verde impulsionada por Mxenes (HydroXen)

Other NationalCoordinator
Os objetivos principais do projeto são: - estabelecer novos protocolos para processamento de elétrodos HER impulsionados por MXenes que permitam uma produção em escala baseada num método respeitador do ambiente; - demonstrar os conceitos simples, económicos e escal&aa...

RENOVA PAPTIS - Desenvolvimento de papéis tissue de nova geração (PAPTIS-RENOVA)

Industry NationalPartner
Os prod. de papel tissue têm vindo a adquirir 1 importância crescente nas sociedades modernas. Assim, as empresas produtoras de papel tissue para se manterem no mercado e crescerem apostam no desenvolvimento e optimização de processos para dar origem a produtos inovadores, q se diferenciem e q ofereçam ao consumidor, características valorizáveis...

Research on Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials using Radioactive Isotopes at ISOLDE-CERN (CERN/FP/109357/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nuclear Techniques applied to materials Magnetic and multiferroic materials magneto-electric-structural coupling implanted radioactive probes

Research on Magnetic Oxides using Radioactive Isotopes (ISOLDE-CERN) (POCI/FP/63953/2005)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nuclear Techniques applied to materials Magnetic Materials magneto-electric-structural couplings Implanted probes and localization

Research on Magnetic Oxides using Radioactive Isotopes at ISOLDE-CERN (POCI/FP/81979/2007)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nuclear Techniques applied to materials Magnetic Materials magneto-electric-structural coupling implanted radioactive probes and localization

REVDIA – REVestimentos de DIAmante para Componentes Anti-Desgaste” (REVDIA)

Industry NationalPartner
A empresa promotora Durit é detentora da tecnologia de processamento de metal duro e tem um profundo conhecimento das tendências actuais do mercado para peças anti-desgaste. No seguimento da sua estratégia empresarial, a Durit pretende diversificar a sua oferta com novos materiais e atingir novos segmentos de mercado, visando adquirir vantagens...

SARISTU - Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures (SARISTU)

European ComissionPartner
SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) focuses on the cost reduction of air travel through a variety of individual applications as well as their combination. For the first time ever in smart material concepts, SARISTU offers the opportunity to virtually and physically assess the interaction of different technological solutions and their...

Self-healing protective coating with "intelligent" nanoreservoirs of corrosion inhibitors (PTDC/CTM/65632/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
protecção anticorrosiva inibidor nano-reservatório revestimentos auto-reparáveis

Sensing the micro-distribution of chemical species in solution close to the active metal (PTDC/CTM/66041/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
corrosão micro-sensores químicos modelação química especiação química

SGH : Smart Green Homes (Smart Green Homes)

Industry NationalPartner
The Smart Green Homes (SGH) Project aims to develop integrated product and technology solutions for the households, raising standards of comfort, safety and user satisfaction to a new level and, at the same time, to respond to the problems of sustainability of the Planet, increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the emission of gaseous poll...

Silicon nitride ceramic components coated with nanocrystalline CVD diamond for total hip replacement - HIPCerDiam (PTDC/EME-PME/112910/2009)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Hip joint silicon nitride nanocrystalline diamond wear

SISET - Enhancing Scanning Ion-Selective Electrode Technique (SISET)

European ComissionPartner
The SISET joint exchange programme aims to establish long-term research cooperation between Portuguese, Belgian, Belarusian and Chinese scientists in the field of instrumental techniques for corrosion science. Collaboration brings together the experts from conventional and localized electro analytical techniques, electro chemical modeling, corro...

Smart anticorrosion coatings based on nanocontainers loaded with novel, eco-friendly cationic gemini surfactants as efficient corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in seawater. (EcoGEmCoat)

European ComissionCoordinator
The project, EcoGemCoat, involves the preparation of smart anticorrosion coatings based on mesoporous silica nanocontainers loaded with innovative, eco-friendly cationic gemini surfactants as high efficient corrosion inhibitors of carbon steel in seawater with the potential application in marine and offshore industry.The main aim of ...

SOFCNET - Thematic network on solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFCNET)

European ComissionPartner
This proposal suggests the establishment of the thematic network SOFCNET. The objective of SOFCNET is the support and acceleration of European industrial development. By bringing together all types (from universities to end users) of SOFC involved organisations in Europe, the network promotes knowledge exchange, a better understanding of industr...

Solucao de Engenharia Microestrutural para Aumentar o Transporte Ionico Interfacial (MERIT)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

StemCelCan - Modulation of induced pluripotent stem cells differentiation by carbon nanotube templates (PTDC/CTM-NAN/119184/2010)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
carbon nanotubes induced stem cells neural differentiation cell culture platform

Structural and chemical characterization at the nanometer scale (PTDC/CTM/100468/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
transmission electron microscopy electron spectroscopy nanostructured materials electronic structure

Studies of Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides using Radioactive Isotopes at ISOLDE-CERN (POCTI/FNU/50183/2003)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nuclear Techniques in materials Magneto-structural coupling Magnetic materials Implanted dopants and localization

Studies of Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides with Radioactive Isotopes (IS390/ISOLDE)

Other InternationalCoordinator

Studies of Magnetic Oxides using Radioactive Isotopes at ISOLDE-CERN (POCI/FP/63438/2005)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nuclear Techniques in materials Magnetic materials Magneto-structural coupling Implanted dopants and localization

Study of functional mortars for a sustainable construction (PTDC/ECM/72104/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
mortar sustainable construction functional material energy and environment

SUB0 - Aumento da vida de ferramentas e orgãos de máquinas por tratamento térmico específico (SUB0)

Industry NationalCoordinator
O consórcio, criado no âmbito da presente candidatura, entre a empresa F. Ramada, Aços e Indústrias, S.A e a Universidade de Aveiro tem como objectivo o desenvolvimento de uma tecnologia de tratamento térmico não convencional, destinado à produção de ferramentas e engrenagens com melhores características de resistência ao desgaste e de estabilid...

Superconducting Borides: Properties and Materials Processing (POCTI/CTM/39340/2001)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
superconductivity covalent compounds doping materials processing and modificati

SusPhotoSolutions - Soluções Fotovoltaicas Sustentáveis (SUSPHOTOSOLUTIONS)

Other NationalCoordinator

Tailored Si3N4 - Sic Ceramic Composites for CVD Diomond Coating (POCTI/CTM/35490/1999)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
CVD Diamond Silicon Nitride Adhesion Ceramic Composites

Tailored thin plasma polymers for surface engineering of coil coated steel (ECSC CONTRACT 7210-PR-383 CECA)

European ComissionPartner
The project shall investigate the application of thin plasma polymer films with tailored properties for surface engineering of coil-coated steel. The aim is to achieve scratch resistance, anti-finger print and easy-to-clean properties. Moreover, the adhesion to the polymer coating and the weathering stability will be optimised. Two coil-coating ...

Ternary and quaternary nitride alloys for lattice matched heterostructures: Novel materials for high efficiency field effect transistors and optoelectronic devices (PTDC/FIS/65233/2006)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
nitrides AlInN strain nanostructures

THERMICS-Cellular PCM-based composites with enhanced thermal conduction and shape stabilization (PTDC/CTM-ENE/2073/2012)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Phase change materials Heat storage Cellular materials Thermal conductivity

Thermoelectric oxide composites: design through controlled interactions (TEOsINTE)

European ComissionCoordinator
Thermoelectric (TE) materials can convert temperature differences directly into electricity and are nowadays considered as one of the most promising means to produce “green” electricity from the huge amount of various available waste heat sources. TE conversion is intrinsically simple, scalable and reliable, empl...

Towards highly-efficient oxide thermoelectrics by structural and defects engineering (Programme for Cooperation in Science between Portugal and Germany - 441.00)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator

Transport properties and electrochemical applications of ceria-based nanomaterials (POCTI/CTM/39381/2001)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Nanomaterials anodes ceria condução mista

Tribosistemas Constituídos por Revestimentos Multicamada de Diamante Cvd Micro/Nanocristalino – MULTIDIACOAT (PTDC/EME-TME/100689/2008)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
tribology CVD diamond multilayers wear

TUneable Multiferroics based on oxygen OCtahedral Structures (TUMOCS)

European ComissionCoordinator
The main objective of the project is development of new lead-free multiferroic materialshe for prospective application in forms of films and/or arranged layers in which the cross-coupling (magnetic-dipolar-elastic) can be tuned by both internal and external factors. This objective is to be achieved through preparation, investigation, and optimiz...

ULCOS - Ultra-Low CO2 steelmaking (ULCOS)

European ComissionPartner
This proposal to the 6FP is part of ULCOS, an initiative launched by the major players in the European Steel Industry and itsmain partners in other industries and academia (47 partners, 15 European countries). A related proposal, also part of theULCOS in itiative, was presented to the RFCS program as proposal RFCS-PR-03113. ULCOS is a major RTD ...

Unitised regenerative fuel cell for efficient renewable energy supply: from materials to device (SAICTPAC/0032/2015)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Energia; Hidrogénio; Pilha de combustível; Electrolisador

Unveiling the self-healing mechanisms associated with smart nanocontainers (SELMA)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator
Corrosion of metallic substrates is responsible for losses amounting to approximately 3-4% of GNP in developed countries and, therefore, its mitigation will lead to enormous societal benefits. Herewith, we propose a combined computational and experimental study for unveiling the self-healing mechanisms associated with smart nanocontainers (SELMA...

VEDACERAM - Anéis Vedantes Compósitos e Matriz Cerâmica (Nitreto de Silico) (VEDACERAM)

Industry NationalCoordinator
Pretende-se desenvolver um protótipo de um novo sistema de anéis vedantes dinâmicos (empanques mecânicos) fabricado com base num material compósito cerâmico: matrizes de nitreto de silício (Si3N4) reforçadas por partículas de carboneto de silício (SiC). Estes empanques destinam-se a aplicações hidráulicas e pneumáticas industriais em condições d...

Wear of Aluminium Matrix Composites (POCTI/CTM/46086/2002)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaPartner
Sliding wear Fretting wear Processing techniques Precipitation hardening

Zero CO2 emissions: challenge and foresight for innovative multi-ionic functional membranes (CO2zero)

Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaCoordinator


Wollastonite-containing glass-ceramics from the CaO–Al2O3–SiO2 and CaO–MgO–SiO2 ternary systems

Dilshat U. Tulyaganov, Konstantinos Dimitriadis, Simeon Agathopoulos, Francesco Baino, Hugo R. Fernandes
2024, Open Ceramics, 17.

Exploring the Luminescence, Redox, and Magnetic Properties in a Multivariate Metal–Organic Radical Framework

Gonçalo Valente, Pedro Ferreira, Miguel A Hernández-Rodríguez, Carlos DS Brites, João S Amaral, Pavel Zelenovskii, Filipe A Almeida Paz, Samuel Guieu, João Rocha, Manuel Souto
2024, Chemistry of Materials.

Magnetic polylactic acid-calcium phosphate-based biocomposite as a potential biomaterial for tissue engineering applications

Tânia S.S. Carvalho; Nilza Ribeiro; Paula M.C. Torres; José C. Almeida; João H. Belo; J.P. Araújo; António Ramos; Mónica Oliveira; Susana M. Olhero
2023, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 296, 15 February 2023.

Nanofibrous hybrid scaffolds based on PCL-borosilicate system by a green sol-gel process

S.A.R. Coelho J. Kniep, N. Barroca , J.C. Almeida, M.H.V. Fernandes

FLASH sintering of porcelain stoneware: effect of composition modifications

Camila Ribeiro; Luis Figueiredo; Ricardo Serrazina; José C. Almeida; Joana Salgado; Regina Santos; Helio Jorge; Álvaro Serrão; Pedro Marcos; M. Elisabete Costa; Paula M. Vilarinho; Ana M. Senos
2023, Journal of the European Ceramic Society.

Giant Polarization in Quasi-Adiabatic Ferroelectric Na+ Electrolyte for Solid-State Energy Harvesting and Storage

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A novel smart coating with hexacyanoferrate intercalated layered double hydroxides nanoadditive for early detection of carbon steel corrosion

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2023, Frontiers in Chemical Engineering, 5.

Glasses and glass-ceramics in the CaO–MgO–SiO2 system: Diopside containing compositions - A brief review

Dilshat U. Tulyaganov, Konstantinos Dimitriadis, Simeon Agathopoulos, Hugo R. Fernandes
2023, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 612, 122351.

Direct C-H Arylation of Dithiophene-Tetrathiafulvalene: Tuneable Electronic Properties and 2D Self-Assembled Molecular Networks at the Solid/Liquid Interface

C. Ribeiro, G. Valente, M. Espinosa, R. A. Silva, D. Belo, S. Gil-Guerrero, N. Arisnabarreta, K. Mali, S. De Feyter, M. Melle-Franco, M. Souto
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Exploring the effect of low concentration of stannum in lead-free BCT-BZT piezoelectric compositions for energy related applications

Coondoo, I., Alikin, D., Abramov, A., Figueiras, F. G., Shur, V. Y., Miranda, G.
2023, Journal of Alloys and Compounds.

SEM/EDS and Optical Microscopy Analysis of Microplastics

In T. Rocha-Santos (Eds.), Handbook of Microplastics in the Environment
A. V. Girão
ISBN: https://www.worldcat.org/isbn/9783030106188

Diamond-Based Nanostructured Materials for Detection of Water Contaminants

In Gil Alberto Batista Gonçalves, Paula Marques (Eds.), Nanostructured Materials for Treating Aquatic Pollution
A. V. Girão, M. A. Neto, F. J. Oliveira and R. F. Silva
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ISBN: 978-3-030-33744-5

Emerging trends in smart nanocontainers for corrosion applications

In Phuong Nguyen Tri, Trong-On Do, Tuan Anh Nguyen (Eds.), Smart Nanocontainers
T. L. P. Galvão , M. Wilhelm, José R. B. Gomes, J. Tedim
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Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys

In Klaus Wandelt (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry
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Defects Engineering for Performing SrTiO3-Based Thermoelectric Thin Films: Principles and Selected Approaches

In Zhang J., Jung YG. (Eds.), Advanced Ceramic and Metallic Coating and Thin Film Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Andrei V. Kovalevsky
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Thermoelectric Materials and the Measurement of Their Electrical Properties

In M.P.F. Graça (Eds.), Electrical Measurements: Introduction, Concepts and Applications
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The Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Behaviour of Dual Phase Steels

In Lucas F. M. da Silva (Eds.), Materials Design and Applications
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Sol-Gel Coatings with Nanocontainers of Corrosion Inhibitors for Active Corrosion Protection of Metallic Materials

In Klein L., Aparicio M., Jitianu A. (Eds.), Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
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Role of intermetallics in corrosion of aluminum alloys. Smart corrosion protection

In Rahul Mitra (Eds.), Intermetallic Matrix Composites - Properties and Applications
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Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy–Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (SEM-EDS)

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry
A. V. Girão, G. Caputo, M. Ferro
ISBN: 0166-526X

Modification of Nanoclay Systems: An Approach to Explore Various Applications

In Jawaid, Mohammad, Qaiss, Abou el Kacem, Bouhfid, Rachid (Eds.), Nanoclay Reinforced Polymer Composites
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ISBN: 978-981-10-1953-1

Biomedical Carbon Nanotubes

In Klaus D. Sattler (Eds.), Carbon Nanomaterials Sourcebook: Graphene, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Nanodiamonds, Volume I (Volume 1)
Diogo Mata, Maria H. Fernandes, Maria A. Lopes, and Rui F. Silva
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ISBN: 9781482252682

Chapter 14:Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings on Silicon Nitride Bioceramic Bearings

In Robert Sonntag, Jan Philippe Kretzer (Eds.), Materials for Total Joint Arthroplasty: Biotribology of Potential Bearings
M. Amaral, S.P. Rodrigues, F.J. Oliveira, and R.F. Silva
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ISBN: 978-1-78326-716-3

Microscopy Assessment of Emerging Contaminants’ Effects on Aquatic Species

In Ajay Vasudeo Rane, Sabu Thomas, Nandakumar Kalarikkal (Eds.), Microscopy Applied to Materials Sciences and Life Sciences
A. Barreto, A. V. Girão, M. L. Pereira, T. Trindade, A. M. V. M. Soares, M. Oliveira
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Brittle Coating Layers for Impact Detection in CFRP

In Piet Christof Wölcken, Michael Papadopoulos (Eds.), Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures (SARISTU)
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Smart self-healing coatings for corrosion protection of aluminium alloys

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8 - Novel and self-healing anticorrosion coatings using rare earth compounds

Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors
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Smart self-healing coatings for corrosion protection of aluminium alloys

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Self-healing nanocoatings for corrosion control

In Viswanathan S. Saji, Korea University, South Korea and Ronald Cook, TDA Research Inc., USA (Eds.), Corrosion protection and control using nanomaterials
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Reducibility of ceria-based materials exposed to fuels and under fuel/air gradients

Advances in Ceramics - Synthesis and Characterization, Processing and Specific Applications
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Self-healing anticorrosion coatings

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Advanced protective coatings for aeronautical applications

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Oxygen ion-conducting materials.

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Condutores Iónicos

In Fortes MA, Ferreira PJ (Eds.), Materiais Dois Mil
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Sensores de Oxigénio

In Fortes A, Ferreira P (Eds.), Materiais Dois Mil
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Sensores Químicos

In Fortes MA, Ferreira PJ (Eds.), Materiais Dois Mil
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Applications and Challenges

Nanofluids to Ionanofluids
Imran Khan, Aamir H. Bhat, Dhananjay K. Sharma, Mohd Amil Usmani, Jamal Akhter Siddique,

Modeling of Perylene-based MOFs

G. Valente, J. Rocha, M. Souto

Metal Organic Framework for Electronic Applications

Gonçalo Valente, João Rocha, Manuel Souto

Perylene-based Metal-Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Tunable Optical Properties and Electrochemical Studies

Gonçalo Valente, Filipe A. Almeida Paz, João Rocha, Manuel Souto

Perylene-based Metal-Organic Frameworks: Tunable Electrical and Optical Properties

Gonçalo Valente, Ana Paracana, María Esteve-Rochina, António Rodríguez-Diéguez, Filipe A. Almeida Paz, Enrique Ortí, Joaquín Calbo, João Rocha, Helena Alves, Manuel Souto


Ricardo Charvet, Luís Ruivo, Daniel Pio, L.A.C. Tarelho, Arlindo Matos, José Figueiredo da Silva, Daniel Neves

Current Practices of Charcoal Production in Southern Portugal: a Case-Study on a Large Production Site

Neves, D., Charvet, F., Ruivo, L., Matos, A., Tarelho, L.A.C., Figueiredo da Silva, J.

Enhanced electrical- and photo-conductivity in an iodine-doped perylene-based Metal-Organic Framework

Gonçalo Valente, Ana Paracana, Helena Alves, João Rocha, António Rodríguez-Diéguez, Manuel Souto


L. Ruivo, A. Yaremchenko, K. Engvall, E. Kantarelis, J. Frade, L.A.C. Tarelho

Phase transitions in undoped and Sc-substituted BiCrO3 perovskite

J.P. Cardoso, V. Paukšta, D. Delmonte, E. Gilioli, E.L. Fertman, A.V. Fedorchenko, V.V. Shvartsman, R. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, J.M. Vieira, A.N. Salak

BiCrO3 and BiCr0.9Sc0.1O3: low temperature phase transition studies

J.P. Cardoso, V. Paukšta, D. Delmonte, E. Gilioli, E.L. Fertman, A.V. Fedorchenko, V.V. Shvartsman, R. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, J.M. Vieira, A.N. Salak

Evaluation of the effects of novel nano-based sensors for early detection of corrosion on marine organisms

Roberto Martins, Joana Figueiredo, Alesia Sushkova, Tiago Galvão, Manon Wilhelm, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, João Tedim and Susana Loureiro

Characterization of ZrO2-Y2O3-MnO2 solid solutions as components for reversible Solid Oxide Cells

A. Natoli, A.A. Yaremchenko, J.R. Frade

Enhancement on thermoelectric properties of BaTiTaO by Ca doping

Sh. Rasekh, A. Kovalevsky, F.M. Costa, A. Natoli

Thermoelectric Phenomena and Applications: A Quest for Performing Oxide Thermoelectric

M.A. Madre, F.M. Cosa, A. Kovalevsky, A. Sotelo, J.C.Diez, M.A.Torres, A. Natoli

Monoclinic-orthorhombic phase transition in the metastable BiCr1-xScxO3 (x=0, 0.1) perovskites

J.P. Cardoso, D. Delmonte, E. Gilioli, V.V. Shvartsman, J.M. Vieira, A.N. Salak

Synthesis of Fe2SiO4-based catalysts by reactions of SiC-Fe2O3 under controlled redox conditions

L.Ruivo1, R.Pinto, L. Tarelho, A.Yaremchenko, J. Frade

Characterization of ZrO2-Y2O3-MnOn solid solutions for reversible SOFC/SOEC systems

A. Natoli, A.A. Yaremchenko, J.R. Frade

Corrosion behavior of alternative binders in WC-Co hardmetals

A.M. Ferro Rocha, A.C. Bastos, J.P. Cardoso, C.M. Fernandes, F. Rodrigues, E. Soares, J. Sacramento, M.G.S. Ferreira, A.M.R. Senos

Characterization of new WC-Stainless Steel composites

C.M. Fernandes, A.M. Ferro Rocha, J.P. Cardoso, A.C. Bastos, E. Soares, J. Sacramento, M.G.S. Ferreira, A.M.R. Senos

Standard energy of combustion and enthalpies of formation for mono-substituted guaiacols.

Yuri Maksimuk, Alesia Sushkova, Zoya Antonava, Ivan Vasarenko,

Study of the effect of 4-tert-butylpyrocatechol on the oxidative stability of biodiesel

A. Sushkova, Z. Antonava, V. Krouk, V. Kursevich,

Study of antioxidants influence on the oxidative stability of industrial biofuel

A. Sushkova, Z. Antonava, V. Kursevich, M. Krivova

Determination of fatty acids methyl esters content in biodiesel fuell by IR spectroscopy.

A. Sushkova, Z. Antonava, M. Krivova, V. Krouk

Effect of additives on the lubricating characteristics of diesel fuels

Z. Antonava, V. Kursevich, M. Krivova, A. Sushkova

Heterogeneous doping of weak electrolytes with cerium oxide

Maria A. Salvador, P. Ferreira and F.M. Figueiredo

Acid-functionalised periodic mesoporous benzene-bridged organosilicas as proton conductors for intermediate temperature application

E.M. Domingues, M.A. Salvador, P. Ferreira and F.M. Figueiredo

Novel acid-functionalized periodic mesoporous benzenosilicas for intermediate temperature proton exchange fuel cell membranes

E.M. Domingues, P. Ferreira, M.A. Salvador, and F.M. Figueiredo

Heterogeneous doping of benzimidazole with nanocrystalline and mesoporous CeO2

M. A. Salvador, F.M. Figueiredo, P. Ferreira

Nanocasting of zirconium and cerium oxides

M.A. Salvador, J. Canales-Vázquez, P. Ferreira, F.M. Figueiredo.

Synthesis of mesoporous ZrO2 and CeO2 by nanocasting

M. A. Salvador , J. Canales-Vázquez, P. Ferreira , F.M. Figueiredo,

Acid functionalized periodic mesoporous benzenosilica proton conductors for intermediate temperature application

Eddy Domingues, Maria Adelaide Salvador, Paula Ferreira, Filipe Figueiredo

Nanocasting of mesoporous barium zirconate

T. Gadim, M. Salvador, P. Ferreira, F.M. Figueiredo

Nanocasting of mesoporous zirconia

Maria A. Salvador, J. Canales-Vázquez, P. Ferreira, F.M. Figueiredo

Acid-functionalised periodic mesoporous benzenosilicas for proton exchange membrane fuel cells

EM Domingues, MA Salvador, P Ferreira, FM Figueiredo

Preparation of mesoporous ZrO2 using SBA-15 as a hard template

Maria A. Salvador, J. Canales-Vázquez, P. Ferreira, F.M. Figueiredo

Synthesis of Periodic Mesoporous Benzenosilicas Containing Free Phosphonic Acid Groups for Application in High Temperature PEMFC

Maria A. Salvador, J. C. Alonso, P. Ferreira and F. M. Figueiredo

Diamond coatings on silicon nitride (Si3N4) concave and convex surfaces

Simone P. Rodrigues, Filipe J. Oliveira, Rui F. Silva and M. Amaral

Vanadium oxide supported on montmorillonite-derived porous clay heteroestructures with SiO2, SiO2-ZrO2 or SiO2-TiO2 for the partial oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur

J.A. Cecilia, M.D. Soriano, A. Natoli, J.M. López-Nieto, E. Rodríguez-Castellón

Vanadium oxide supported on porous clay heterostructures for the partial oxidation of H2S to sulfur

A. Natoli, J.A. Cecilia, M.D. Soriano, J. Jiménez-Jiménez, J.M. López-Nieto, E. Rodríguez-Castellón

Development of flame retardant acrylic fibers from acrylonitrile copolymerization

Gonçalo Valente
2019, supervised by Professora Doutora Ana Margarida Madeira Viegas de Barros Timmons and Doutor Paulo Fernando Martins de Magalhães Correia.

Síntese de nanotubos de carbono dopados com azoto para aplicações de oxidação fotocatalítica

Inês Esteves De Oliveira
2017, supervised by Rui Ramos Ferreira E Silva , Ana Violeta Oliveira Morais De Sousa Girão .

Electrosynthesis of 1-D metallic nanoparticles from DES using porous anodic templates

Maksim Starykevich
2017, supervised by Mário Guerreiro Silva Ferreira , Andrei Salak .

Defect chemistry of pyrochlore-type (Gd,Ca)2(Ti,Mo)2O7 for prospective electrocatalytic applications

Kiryl Zakharchuk
2017, supervised by Aleksey Yaremchenko , Jorge Ribeiro Frade .

Síntese eletroquímica de filmes de óxido finos em superfícies de titânio e alumínio usando anodização a altas tensões

Aleksey Lisenkov
2017, supervised by Mário Guerreiro Silva Ferreira , Mikhail Larionovich Zheludkevich .

Heteroestruturas de óxido metálico/nanotubos de carbono para condensadores de dupla camada elétrica

Ricardo Manuel Fonseca Lopes Da Silva
2017, supervised by Rui Ramos Ferreira E Silva , Nicola Pinna, Institut Für Chemie, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Germany.

Synthesis of fayalite Fe2SiO4 as a tar removal catalyst for biomass gasification

Rui Gonçalves Pinto
2017, supervised by Luís António da Cruz Tarelho; Jorge Ribeiro Frade.

Hybrid materials for biomedical applications

José Carlos Martins de Almeida
2016, supervised by Maria Helena Figueira Vaz Fernandes; Isabel Margarida Miranda Salvado.

Physical characterization of hardmetal grades for industry

J. P. Cardoso
2015, supervised by Dr. Filipe Oliveira; Dr. Eduardo Soares.

Assessment and development of corrosion inhibitors for al alloys

2014, supervised by Silvar Kallip .

Diamond Microelectrodes for Corrosion Studies

2014, supervised by Filipe José Alves de Oliveira; Mikhail Zheludkevich; .

Evaluación de la incertidumbre en la determinación de los índices de actividad alfa y beta total en muestras de agua.

Alejandro Natoli Gutiérrez
, supervised by D.ª Mª del Carmen Fernández Jiménez and D.ª Esperanza Liger Pérez.


Chemical vapour deposition by hot filament

Processes National

Fernandes, António; Costa, Florinda; Silva, Rui; Oliveira, Filipe; Amaral, Margarida; Cabanillas, Manuel

The present invention relates to hot filament chemical vapour deposition process (CVD) to increase the surface properties of silicon nitride (Si3N4) by applying nanodiamond films. The nanometric size of grains, the chemical inertness and diamond intrinsic hardness, associated with excellent adhesion to silicon nitride, provide high wear...

Conversion films based on lamellar double-hydroxides for active protection against corrosion

Materials InternationalNational

Ferreira, Mário; Tedim, João; Zheludkevich, Mikhail

The present invention relates to conversion films based on lamellar double hydroxides (LDHs), which are obtained by means of a simple hydrothermal process. Depending on the process conditions used and on the substrates used, micrometric differentiation of film morphology may be achieved. The films obtained for the first time exhibit the...

Diamond flat thermistors

Devices National

Oliveira, Filipe; Silva, Rui; Neto, Miguel

Manufacturing process of NTC (negative temperature coefficient) flat thermistors consisting of diamond films deposited on sintered ceramic substrates. These devices comprise a temperature sensitive diamond surface on one side of the substrate and metallic carbide ohmic contacts on the other. The process has the advantage of using a sing...

Ion-selective solid contact microelectrode and its production method

Devices InternationalNational

Ferreira, Mário; Zheludkevich, Mikhail; Lamaka, Sviatlana

The presented invention relates to a needle-shaped ion-selective solid contact microelectrode with the length of the measuring point preferably but not limited to equal or less than 10 micron, particularly 0.5 - 10 micron, a method for producing such an electrode and use of an ion-selective solid contact microelectrode as a working elec...

Manufacturing technique of textured superconducting materials by electrical assisted laser floating zone

Processes National

Costa, Florinda; Vieira, Joaquim; Silva, Rui; Carrasco, Maria

The present invention relates to the solidification process control technology of superconductive ceramic materials of the Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system by Laser-Floating-Zone (LFZ) through application of electric current during fibers growth.The high thermal gradient associated with the LFZ technique results in a partial alignment o...

Mixed ionic-ionic conductors, synthesis of such conductors for directional solidification and its usage

Materials National

Costa, Florinda; Silva, Rui; Figueiredo, Filipe; Carvalho, Ricardo;

The mixed ionic-ionic type conductors in this invention are eutectic ceramics represented by the formula (BaZr1-xMxO3-x/2)1-z (Zr1-yMyO2-y/2)z wherein M is at least one element selected from the group of rare earth elements (Y, Sc, Ga), Al and In, with 0.03 ≤ x ≤ 0.20 and 0.03 ≤ y ≤ 0.20, and z being such tha...

Process for coating metallic surfaces with coating compositions containing particles of a layered double hydroxide

Processes InternationalNational

Ferreira, Mário; Zheludkevich, Mikhail; Tedim, João; Gandubert, Valerie; Schmidt-Hansberg, Thomas; Hack, Theo; Nixon, Sonja; Raps, Dominik; Becker, Diana; Schroeder, Sven

The invention relates to a process of coating a metallic surface with a composition for coating with a pretreatment composition prior to organic coating, with a passivation composition without intent for subsequent organic coating, with a pretreatment primer composition, with a primer composition, with a paint composition or with an ele...

Process to obtain red clay ceramic by incorporating sludge from effluents treatment generated in metal surface treatment operations, or sands or smelting sand fines, and resulting products

Processes National

Batista, João; Silva, Rui; Castro, Fernando; Figueiredo, José

The present invention relates to the manufacture of red clay ceramic products, containing sludge from treatment of effluents generated in metal surface treatment operations. The optimization of the processing conditions, particularly the mixing of sludge with the clay matrix, had by reference the minimum deviation from the n...

Silicon nitride sealing rings with diamond coating

Products InternationalNational

Silva, Rui; Fernandes, António; Amaral, Margarida ; Almeida, Flávia; Oliveira, Filipe ; Costa, Florinda; Carrapichano, João

The present invention refers to a dynamic mechanical sealing system comprising rings manufactured by means of coating silicon nitride ceramic pieces (Si3N4) with diamond films obtained by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). The said mechanical elements should simultaneously warrant low friction, wear-resistance and good sealant properties...

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