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Celebrating the past, present, and future

CICECO is celebrating 20 years through the year of 2021 to 2022

2001 marks a milestone for CICECO and the Portuguese Materials R&D community as we officially kickoff our 20th Anniversary. This yearlong celebration will be filled with openings, unveilings, and special events that, hopefully, will inspire you and make you proud to be a CICECO member. You are invited to join the initiatives and celebrate the impact CICECO has made in our first twenty years.

After two decades of productive effort CICECO has become one of the premier research institutions in Portugal and in Europe. The impact can be measured in the remarkable achievements our researchers, scholars and students make every day. CICECO has forged many notable collaboratively research and educational initiatives over the years. In its first 20 years, CICECO has grown exponentially. Today, more than 500 researchers shape the future of the University of Aveiro and the Materials community in Portugal and worldwide.

CICECO continues to build on its founding principles working to provide the highest quality in R&D in materials science and engineering to contribute also to leverage the national and European industrial community.

As we honor our past, celebrate our present, and envision our future, we encourage you to vsit this page where you will find a full slate of events, including the past Kickoff Celebration on Jornadas CICECO 2021.

As we get closer to celebrating this milestone anniversary, we invite you share your CICECO memories and photos of CICECO through the years and join us in the celebration (send contributions to



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