Gopal Shankar Mishra

Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento

Gopal Mishra completed his Ph.D. in Polymer Science from India. In year 2001, he has won “Young Scientist” Award and Project for 3 yrs. to pursue an independent Senior Research Associate, with Prof. Anil Kumar (FNASc.), CHE, IIT, Kanpur in “Heterogeneous Catalysis" field. Later, He joined (2004) Functional Materials Group at Chem. & BioChem. Dept., South Carolina, US. as PDF Researcher.

After, he won Foundation of Science & Technology (FCT), Portugal, PDF 3 yrs. fellowship and moved to Prof. ALJ Pombeiro’s group at Istituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, in “Novel metal compounds synthesis for heterogeneous catalysis” In May 2008, he was appointed as  Research Professor in Materials, Chemistry, UTAD University, Portugal, where the focal the of his research entailed the discovery and design of Nano materials, Immobilize metal complexes for hydrocarbons Catalysis and other related reactions. 

He is author of over 72 publications (SCI articles, conference proceedings and book chapters). Moreover, he has inventor of 5 industrial patents. As Principal Investigator, he have also received 04 research projects as Perncipal Investigator and 04 projects as Co-Investigator and established our own research group with 06 members.

—Key Skills 
R&D Leadership, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nano-Materials, Metal complexes, Synthesis, Polymerization, Biomass to H2 production, kinetics and Reactor Technology.

Participation in R & D Projects as Principal Investigator (PI)

Participation in R & D Projects  aPrincipal Investigator (PI)

(i)     Year 2013, I won the “Indian-Portuguese cooperation” (project : FCT/9701/25/10/2013/S, for 3 year) from FCT, Portugal and DST, India.

(ii)   Year 2011, received a EU Funded project:  PTDC/EQU-ERQ/110825/2009 (for 3 year) from FCT, Portugal (at UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal).

(iii) Year 2001, received a Young Scientist project: SR/FTP/CS-04/2000 (for 3 year)  form Department Science and Technology (DST), India, (at IIT, Kanpur, India).

(iv) Year 2008, received “Ciência 2007” project (for 5 years) from FCT, Portugal (at UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal).


As Co- Investigator (PI)

(v)          Year 2016, received a project from FCT, Portugal (at University of Aveiro, Portugal).

(vi)        Year 2007, received a fellowship and project from FCT, Portugal (at IST, Lisbon, Portugal).

(vii)           Year 2004, received a fellowship and project as Co-PI from FCT, Portugal (at IST, Lisbon, Portugal).

(viii)         Year 2003, received an industrial project form VAM Organics, Gajrola, India (at IIT, Kanpur, India).



Low-cost catalysts for in-situ improvement of producer gas quality during direct gasification of biomass

Pio, DT; Tarelho, LAC; Pinto, RG; Matos, MAA; Frade, JR; Yaremchenko, A; Mishra, GS; Pinto, PCR
2018, ENERGY, 165, 442-454.

Polymer encapsulated scorpionate Eu3+ complexes as novel hybrid materials for high performance luminescence applications

Machado, K; Mukhopadhyay, S; Videira, RA; Mishra, J; Mobin, SM; Mishra, GS
2015, RSC ADVANCES, 5, 45, 35675-35682.

Silica nanoparticles anchored Cu(II) and V(IV) scorpionate complex catalysts for selective oxidation of C6H12. ,

Kelly Machado, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Gopal S. Mishra
2015, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 400 -146.

Synthesis of superparamagnetic carbon nanotubes immobilized Pt and Pd pincer complexes: highly active and selective catalysts towards cyclohexane oxidation with dioxygen

Machado, K; Mishra, J; Suzuki, S; Mishra, GS
2014, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 43, 46, 17475-17482.

Highly selective n-alkanes oxidation to ketones with molecular oxygen catalyzed by SBA-15 supported Rhenium catalysts

Gopal S. Mishra, Kelly Machado, Anil Kumar
2014, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 20 (2014) 2228-2235. .

Single site anchored novel pentacoordinate Schiff-base Co-(II) complexes over SBA-15 for selective oxidation (O-2) of n-alkanes and kinetic study

Machado, K; Tavares, PB; Freire, C; Mishra, GS
2014, POLYHEDRON, 69, 119-126.

Synthesis and application of Fe-III, Ni-II and Mn-II complexes anchored to HMS as efficient catalysts for cycloalkane oxyfunctionalization

Machado, K; Tavares, PB; Mishra, GS

Single site anchored novel Cu(II) catalysts for selective liquid-gas phase O2 oxidation of n-alkanes,

Gopal S. Mishra, Anil Kumar, Pedro B. Tavares,
2012, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chem., 357 (2012) 125- 132.

Hydroisomerization of saturated hydrocarbons with novel MCM-41 immobilized Re(V) complex catalysts

Mishra, GS; Kumar, A

Cu-II complexes bearing the 2,2,2-tris(1-pyrazolyl)ethanol or 2,2,2-tris(1-pyrazolyl)ethyl methanesulfonate scorpionates. X-Ray structural characterization and application in the mild catalytic peroxidative oxidation of cyclohexane

Silva, TFS; Mishra, GS; da Silva, MFG; Wanke, R; Martins, LMDRS; Pombeiro, AJL
2009, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 42, 9207-9215.

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