Pedro R. Figueiredo
  Estudante de doutoramento  
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  supervisor: Armando Jorge Domingues Silvestre  
  co-supervisor: Andreia Fernandes de Sousa  
  grupo: 4 - biorrefinarias, materiais de origem biológica e reciclagem
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  grupo de investigação: Rational Protein Engineering  

Synthesis of Polycaprolatone by CalB

Experimental Biology and Biomedicine, PhD
University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal)
Thesis: Enzymatic synthesis of amphiphilic polymer-drug conjugates for cancer treatment, Carvalho A.T.P.Silveste A.J.D.; Sousa A.F.
Medicinal Chemistry, MSc
University of Minho (Braga, Portugal)
Dissertation: Studies on the synthesis of adenine derivatives and analogues as anticancer drug candidates, Proença M.F. 
Chemistry, BSc
University of Minho (Braga, Portugal)
Dissertation: Synthesis of anthraquinone derivatives (as electrochemical sensors), Proença M.F.; Araújo R.F.
Enzymatic synthesis of biodegradable amphiphilic polymer-drugs for cancer treatment
PhD Student Fellow, 2019-present, SFRH/BD/144303/2019
This PhD plan includes in silico systematic exploration of the polymer-drug conjugates that can be enzymatically obtained, assessment of drug release profiles and protein reengineering that will be later experimentally assayed, chemically characterized and tested in vitro.
Rational design of a thermostable esterase for the production of high-value bioplastics for biomedical applications
Research Fellow, 2018-2019, MIT-EXPL/ISF/0021/2017
This project is focused on the design of customized thermostable enzyme to produce high-value biopolymers for biomedical applications.