Innovative Pre-treatment Techniques to Prevent Corrosion of Metallic Surfaces (EFC 54)
authors Montemor MF, Ferreira MGS Trabelsi W, Triki E; Dhoubi l, Zheludkevich ML
editors L. Fedrizzi, H. Terryn, A. Simoes
chapter title corrosion studies and analytical characteristics of galvanised steel substrates pretreated with doped silane solutions
abstract A guide to effective pre-treatment techniques to prevent corrosion of metallic surfaces. It discusses key research on the development of techniques for a range of metals. It reviews various coatings and preparation methods for aluminium and aluminium alloys such as silane films, sol-gel coatings and magnesium-rich primers.
publisher CRC Press
isbn 978-1420066715
year published 2007
beginning page 83
ending page 95

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