Rui Shi



Engaging in the investigation of energy transfer and electron de-excitation process in inorganic bulk and nanoparticle by spectroscopy and advanced synchrotron radiation-based techniques.

Research Interest

Phosphor, Energy/Electron transfer, Luminescence quenching mechanism, Lanthanide-doped nanoparticle

Education experience

09/2013-06/2018   Ph.D of Engineering in School of chemistry, Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), Supervisor: Prof. Hongbin Liang

09/2009-06/2013   Bachelor of Engineering in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University Supervisor: Prof. Jieyu Zhang

work experience

09/2018-06/2019   Post-doc in school of physics, Sun Yat-sen University Cooperation Supervisor: Prof. Zhibing Li

09/2019-now   Researcher in department of physics, University of Aveiro


Sensitization of Mn2+ Luminescence by Eu2+: A Combined Study Using Optical Spectroscopy and Luminescence Dynamics Simulations

He, J; Cai, NH; Fu, LS; Shi, R
2022, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 61, 3, 1745-1755.

Suppression of Eu2+ Luminescence Loss

He, J; Shi, R; Wang, ZQ; Li, MS; Sham, TK; Fu, LS

Understanding the Shell Passivation in Ln(3+)-Doped Luminescent Nanocrystals

Shi, R; Brites, CDS; Carlos, LD

Hexagonal-phase NaREF4 upconversion nanocrystals: the matter of crystal structure

Shi, R; Brites, CDS; Carlos, LD
2021, NANOSCALE, 13, 47, 19771-19782.
ISBN: 2040-3372

Thermal enhancement of upconversion emission in nanocrystals: a comprehensive summary

Shi, R; Martinez, ED; Brites, CDS; Carlos, LD
ISBN: 1463-9084

Mechanistic Insight into Energy-Transfer Dynamics and Color Tunability of Na4CaSi3O9:Tb3+,Eu3+ for Warm White LEDs

He, J; Yan, C; Huang, MM; Shi, R; Chen, YB; Ling, CD; Liu, ZQ
2020, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 26, 25, 5619-5628.
ISBN: 1521-3765

Li4SrCa(SiO4)2:Eu2+: A Potential Temperature Sensor with Unique Optical Thermometric Properties

Rui Shi, Lixin Ning, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Lirong Zheng, Zhibing Li, Hongbin Liang
2019, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 11, 10, 9691-9695.

Zero‐Thermal Quenching of Mn2+ Red Luminescence via Efficient Energy Transfer from Eu2+ in BaMgP2O7

Rui Shi, Lixin Ning, Zhiqiang Wang, Jiatang Chen, Tsun‐Kong Sham, Yan Huang, Zeming Qi, Cuijin Li, Qiang Tang, Hongbin Liang
2019, Adv. Opt. Mater, 1901187.

Photoluminescence and thermal stability of Tb3+-doped K4SrSi3O9 phosphor with electron transition mechanisms

Xiaoxuan Guo, Jin He, Minmin Huang, Rui Shi, Yibo Chen, Yan Huang, Jing Zhang, Zhao-Qing Liu
2019, Materials Research Bulletin, 118, 110523.

Optical Properties of Ce-doped Li4SrCa(SiO4)2: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study

Rui Shi, Xiaoxiao Huang, Tiantian Liu, Litian Lin, Chunmeng Liu, Yan Huang, Lirong Zheng, Lixin Ning*, Hongbin Liang*
2018, Inorg. Chem., 57, 3, 1116-1124.

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