New Book: Waste Valorisation Using Ionic Liquids
Francisca Silva, João Coutinho, Mara Freire and Ana Sousa (University of Évora) are the authors of the book.
MXenes à la Carte: Epitaxially grown MXene sandwiches with nitrogen sprinkles and metal topping
Joint work from CICECO-UA and the University of Barcelona proposes a new method of growing thicker MXenes by taking advantage of the nitrogen-dissociating capabilities of thinner ones.
Remove pollutants from water using 3D printed materials
Nuno Gonçalves wins Marie Curie Posdoctoral fellowship to develop solutions for the removal of pollutants through 3D-printed photoactive materials.
Satellites to power the future lunar station
Rute André and Nuno Borges de Carvalho (IEETA) start new project supported by the European Space Agency.
Margarida Martins is the author of the best doctoral thesis in the area of Sea
The renowned scientific journal Marine Drugs, just awarded former CICECO PhD student for her work on the valorization of seaweed in value-added products.
Award-winning thesis proposes hybrid nanobiomaterials to decontaminate water
Sofia Soares developed her work under the supervision of Ana Luísa Daniel da Silva and Tito Trindade.
New flexible piezoelectric bionanocomposites for neuromuscular stimulation
Cláudia Nunes, Dayana Sierra, Paula Vilarinho and Paula Ferreira are the research team behind the development of the new bio-based material.
Third ERC Proof of Concept grant awarded to João Mano
HumanINK aims to develop a new family of commercially exploitable bioinks based on human-derived proteins, derived from blood fractions or placental tissues.
How about a cup of coffee and a wall?
Paula Seabra and Marinélia Capela devolop green thermo-plasters in partership with researchers from University of Palermo and Institute of Nanotechnology of Lecce.
Luminescent QR codes for measuring physical parameters
New US patent filed for technology that monitor temperature, humidity, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation through an intelligent tag.