Spin-off awarded at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Macao)
Ryapurtech won, last October 29th, third place at the science innovation and technology competition for technology enterprises from Brazil and Portugal.
Young Researchers Award 2021 Winners
During Jornadas CICECO 2021 the names of the first six awardees were disclosed.
Honouring our past, celebrating our present, and envisioning our future
This year’s Jornadas CICECO was special, the 20th Anniversary, the induction ceremony of Prof. Clément Sanchez as honorary member and the tribute to Prof. João Rocha were some of the highlights.
Mariela Nolasco awarded by ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Society Impact Award recognizes research that demonstrates or has led to significant social benefit.
CICECO Young Scientist Program launch
A new initiative created to promote and facilitate laboratory experience within CICECO’s research atmosphere to young students from the University of Aveiro.
João Mano recognized with the most prestigious biomaterials award in Europe
The George Winter Award is a major award given by the European Society for Biomaterials to well established scientists.
Idalina Gonçalves wins FEMS Materials Science & Technology Prize
Award recognizes the contribution of the young researcher in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.
Mariana Sardo elected as member of the AMPERE committee
Researcher at the solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) group becomes Portugal's second Committee Member of the scientific society.
João Rocha honored with Alberto Romão Dias Award
Portuguese Chemistry Society award in the field of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry will be handed during the 13th Inorganic & Bioinorganic Chemistry Conference.
Saliva NMR metabolomics: a new tool for gestational diabetes management?
Daniela Duarte research work was highlighted during the 10th GERMN 9th Ibero-American 7th Iberian NMR Meeting.