Patenting is much more than a simple administrative action. It reflects a culture, a perspective and a different approach to scientific research which is part of the ethos of CICECO. It reveals an effective interest in solving concrete problems, a pragmatic attention to the surrounding reality and to the challenges it includes, as well as a sense of market-value of the knowledge generated within the Centre. Of course, this attention to specific problems translates into a higher inclination to establish partnerships with stakeholders from the business world that present us with new problems and demand from us solutions that may bring added-value to their products and services. 


The Complete Patents of CICECO

the complete patents of ciceco coverProduction of intellectual and industrial property through patenting reflects the commitment of CICECO towards technological development, and that has not yet received enough coverage.

It is indeed the compilation of 62 patents submitted by CICECO members that we wish to present in this book (click here to download the full book).

From this patent portfolio, 24 were subject to an extension of its geographical protection scope through European patents, US patents, global or other, resulting in a comprehensive set of 106 patents. It is therefore not surprising that, according to the INPI official figures, CICECO was one of five institutions with the highest number of patents filed considering the period from 2008 to 2012.


Full Patentes

The full patent documents and other additional details will be available soon here.