Information about Voluntary Social Security



Who can join Voluntary Social Security?

Research fellows with scholarships lasting six months or more.


How can I sign up for Voluntary Social Security?

To sign up for Voluntary Social Security, you must submit a request on the form for this purpose at the Social Security Center. The form must be accompanied by the documents referred to in Article 25 of Decree-Law 40/89 and by a statement from the funding entity showing that you qualify under the Research Grant Recipient Statute.

The amount to be funded is calculated based on the 1st level of the scale of contributions; grant recipients are free to pay the difference corresponding to a higher scale if they wish. (See the Social Security website at


How can I be reimbursed?

After at least 6 months of contract and payments, fellows can request the reimburstment by filling out the form and following the instructions available here.


Useful documents & links

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