Marinélia Capela



Marinélia Capela is a researcher at the Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering and CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials at the University of Aveiro. She graduated in Ceramic and Glass Engineering (2000) and obtained her master's degree in Biomedical Materials and Devices (2015). Recently, she obtained her PhD in Biorefineries (2023) at the University of Aveiro in association with the University of Coimbra. She has published 16 SCI papers (h-index=8) and presented 7 oral communications and 29 posters at national and international conferences. Furthermore, Capela has actively participated in 8 R&D projects and worked in the R&D department of a company in the ceramic sector. Throughout her professional career, in addition to work with traditional ceramics, she study bioactive glass and glass ceramics, and investigated the recovery of industrial wastes in ceramic pigments, traditional and one-part geopolymers, cementitious mortars, and self-hardening binders and adsorbents.


Recycling Mussel Shells as Secondary Sources in Green Construction Materials: A Preliminary Assessment

Rosanna Leone, Adriana Calà, Marinélia N. Capela, Simona Colajanni, Tiziana Campisi and Manfredi Saeli
2023, Sustainability, 15, 4.

Development of energy-saving innovative hydraulic mortars reusing spent coffee ground for applications in construction

Manfredi Saeli, Marinélia N. Capela, Clara Piccirillo, David M. Tobaldi, M. Paula Seabra, Francesca Scalera, Raffaella Striani, Carola Esposito Corcione, Tiziana Campisi
2023, Journal of Cleaner Production , 399, 136664.

Architectural technologies for life environment: Spent coffee ground reuse in lime-based mortars. A preliminary assessment for innovative green thermo-plasters

Saeli, M; Capela, MN; Campisi, T; Seabra, MP; Tobaldi, DM; La Fata, CM

Biomass Fly Ash Self-Hardened Adsorbent Monoliths for Methylene Blue Removal from Aqueous Solutions

Capela, MN; Cesconeto, FR; Pinto, PC; Tarelho, LAC; Seabra, MP; Labrincha, JA
2022, APPLIED SCIENCES, 12, 10.

Characterization of ashes produced from different biomass fuels used in combustion systems in a pulp and paper industry towards its recycling

Capela, MN; Tobaldi, DM; Seabra, MP; Tarelho, LAC; Labrincha, JA

Review of recycling alternatives for paper pulp wastes

Vilarinho, IS; Gameiro, T; Capela, MN; Carvalheiras, J; Caetano, APF; Novo, C; Novais, RM; Seabra, MP; Labrincha, JA

Valorization of Fly Ashes and Sands Wastes from Biomass Boilers in One-Part Geopolymers

Vilarinho, IS; Capela, MN; Pinho, AS; Labrincha, JA; Seabra, MP
2022, MOLECULES, 27, 20.

Valorization of Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill Slaker Grits and Biomass Fly Ash as Fillers in a Commercial Screed Mortar Formulation

Capela, MN; Vilarinho, IS; Vieira, I; Tarelho, LAC; Seabra, MP; Labrincha, JA
2022, MOLECULES, 27, 23.

Waste-Based One-Part Alkali Activated Materials

Goncalves, M; Vilarinho, IS; Capela, M; Caetano, A; Novais, RM; Labrincha, JA; Seabra, MP
2021, MATERIALS, 14, 11.
ISBN: 1996-1944

Development of a Commercial Screed Mortar with Low OPC Content by Incorporation of Biomass Fly Ash

Capela, MN; Tobaldi, DM; Tarelho, LAC; Seabra, MP; Labrincha, JA
2021, APPLIED SCIENCES, 11, 20.
ISBN: 2076-3417

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