Ana Luísa Costa
  department: Chemistry  
  group: 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids
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short CV

From October 2018 to present: Researcher on SASCOT project - Stimuli-Activated Systems for Carbon Monoxide Therapy, CICECO, University of Aveiro

February to August 2018 : Post-Doc Fellowship, CICECO, University of Aveiro

April 2013 to December 2017: PhD in Photochemistry, University of Coimbra (in collaboration with CICECO, University of Aveiro)

October 2008 to December 2010: Master Degree in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minho, Braga

September 2004 to July 2008: Graduation in Chemistry, University of Minho, Braga

Selected publications

Synthesis and photophysical studies of new host-guest organic-inorganic hybrid systems (PhD)

- A.L. Costa, A.C. Gomes, R. C. Pereira, M. Pillinger, I.S. Gonçalves, J.S. Seixas de Melo, "Interactions and Supramolecular Organization of Sulfonated Indigo and Thioindigo Dyes in Layered Hydroxide Hosts", Langmuir 2018, 34, 453-464.

- A.L. Costa, A.C. Gomes, M. Pillinger, I.S. Gonçalves, J. Pina, J.S. Seixas de Melo, "Insights into the Photophysics and Supramolecular Organisation of Congo Red in solution and the solid state", Chem. Phys. Chem. 2017, 18, 564-575.

- V.M. Pereira, A.L. Costa, J. Feldl, T.M.R. Maria, J.S. Seixas de Melo, P. Martín-Ramos, J. Martín-Gil, M.R. Silva, "Synthesis, structure and physical properties of luminescent Pr(III) B-diketonate complexes", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2017, 172, 25-33.

- P. Martín-Ramos, A.L. Costa, M.R. Silva, L.C.J. Pereira, P.S. Pereira da Silva, J.S. Seixas de Melo, J. Martín-Gil, "Luminescent Properties of [UO2(TFA)2(DMSO)3], a Promising Material for Sensing and Monitoring the Uranyl Ion", Materials Research, 2016, 19(2), 328-332.

- A.L. Costa, A.C. Gomes, M. Pillinger, I.S. Gonçalves, J.S. Seixas de Melo, "An Indigo Carmine-Based Hybrid Nanocomposite with Supramolecular Control of Dye Aggregation and Photobehavior", Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 12069-12078.

- A.L. Costa, A.C. Gomes, M. Pillinger, I.S. Gonçalves, J.S. Seixas de Melo, "Controlling the Fluorescence Behavior of 1-Pyrenesulfonate by Cointercalation with a Surfactant in a Layered Double Hydroxide", Langmuir 2015, 31, 4769-4778.


Synthesis of benzo[a]phenoxazines and photophysical properties (Master Degree)

- B.R. Raju, A.M.F. Garcia, A.L.S. Costa, P.J.G. Coutinho, M.S.T. Gonçalves, "Synthesis of new benzo[a]phenoxazinium probes possessing carboxylic ester, hydroxyl and amino functional groups: Photophysical studies in dry ethanol and conjugation with CdTe quantum dots", Dyes and Pigments 2014, 110, 203-213.

- B. R. Raju, A. D. G. Firmino, A. L. S. Costa, P. J. G. Coutinho, M. S. T. Gonçalves, "Synthesis and photophysical properties of side chain chlorinated benzo[a]phenoxazinium chlorides”, Tetrahedron 2013, 69(11), 2451-2461.


Synthesis of imidazoles derivatives (Graduation)

- N. Senhorães, A. L. Costa, D. I. Silva, M. F. Proença, A. M. Dias, "N1- and C6-substituted adenines: a regioselective and efficient synthesis", Tetrahedron 2013, 69(47), 10014-10021.

- A.M. Dias, A.S. Vila-Chã, A.L. Costa, D.P. Cunha, N. Senhorães, M.F. Proença, “Versatile Synthesis of 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxylic Acid Derivatives”, Synlett 2011 (18), 2675-2680.