Nivas Babu Selvaraj

Post-Doc Fellowship


Nivas Babu Selvaraj obtained his BSc degree in Physics from University of Calicut, India in 2001. Later he did his post-graduation in Physics at the Department of Physics in Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin (CUSAT), India. He had master thesis in Quantum Optics titled "Interaction of Intense Radiation with Matter" under the supervision of Prof. Ramesh Babu T. After PG he started his research career as a Project fellow at Center for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) A govt of India Lab, Thrissur, India under supervision of Dr. Ratheesh R. There he was associated in the project "Temperature compensated microwave substrates", it was funded by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), India. During this project he was involved in developing a medium dielectric constant microwave substrate for high frequency applications.

In 2005 he obtained prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers under the Initial Training Network, Hydrogen storage Training Network (HyTRAIN). HyTRAIN was coordinated by Prof. K Ross from Salford University, UK, in which 18 Universities all over from the Europe was involved which had 10 ESR's and 2 ER’s. During his tenure as a Marie Curie Fellow Nivas was associated with the project titled "The characterisation of Intermetallic Hydrides and Assessment of their Suitability for Storage Tanks (MRTN-CT-2004-512443)". This project was hosted by AGH University, Poland and LMA-CNRS, Besancon, France. During HyTRAIN Nivas designed a medium size metal hydride storage tank for mobile application.

From 2008 October onward Nivas worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science in AGH University and continued his PhD under supervision of Prof. Henryk Figiel. During PhD he was successful in few proposals to obtain Neutron Beam time in the Hahn Meitner Institute, Berlin. In his experiments at HMI, for the first time in history an operating MH storage tank was imaged using Neutrons. Neutron Radiographic and Tomographic images were made, thanks to this work which helped him to be a winner in the prestigious Materials Today Cover Competition (2009 edition). In October 2011 he successfully defended his PhD thesis "Thermal analysis and Neutron Imaging studies of a Metal Hydride Storage Tank".

In September 2011, he was granted the FCT-Bolsas fellowship for postdoctoral research and he worked in the project "Grain boundary complexions in functional electronic materials (SFRH/BPD/82158/2011)", currently he is investigating the higher order complexions in Lead free materials.


Physical Properties of Ti45Zr38Fe17 Alloy and Its Amorphous Hydride

Zywczak, A; Gondek, L; Czub, J; Janusz, P; Selvaraj, NB; Takasaki, A
2022, ENERGIES, 15, 12.

Surface plasmon response of silver nanoparticles doped silica synthesised via sol-gel route

Kumar, KVA; John, J; Sooraj, TR; Raj, SA; Unnikrishnan, NV; Selvaraj, NB
2019, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 472, 40-45.
ISBN: 1873-5584

Linking sintering stresses to nano modification in the microstructure of BaLa4Ti4O15 by transmission electron microscopy

Selvaraj, NB; Fernandes, M; Reaney, IM; Abrantes, JCC; Denneulin, T; Snoeck, E; Vilarinho, PM; Senos, AM

Electrodeposition of r-GO/SiC nano-composites on Magnesium and its Corrosion Behavior in Aqueous Electrolyte

Kavimani, V; Prakash, KR; Rajesh, R; Rammasamy, D; Selvaraj, NB; Yang, T; Prabakaran, B; Jothi, S
2017, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 424, 63-71.

Unique dielectric features of a ceramic-semiconductor nanocomposite MgNb2O6+0.25Zn(0.5)Cd(0.5)S

Pukazhselvan, D; Selvaraj, NB; Bdikin, I; Saravanan, RSS; Jakka, SK; Soares, MJ; Fagg, DP
2017, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 424, 127-131.

Statistical analysis of grain size distributions in pressure-assisted BaLa4Ti4O15 microstructures

Fernandes M.A.C., B†ia J.P., Selvaraj N.B., Abrantes J.C.C., Senos A.M.R., Vilarinho P.M.
2016, Microscopy and Microanalysis - 4th Joint Congress of the Portuguese and Spanish Microscopy, 22, 36-37.

HRTEM Studies of Stress Assisted Sintered BaLa4Ti4O15.

Selvaraj, N B; Fernandes, M; Denneulin, T; Snoeck, E; Vilarinho, P M; Senos, A M R
2015, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, S5.

Microstructure evaluation of titanate based layered perovskites: constrained vs. free sintering

Senos A.M.R. , L. Amarala, N.B Selvaraja, M. Fernandesa, C. Jamina, O. Guillona, I. Reaneya and P.M. Vilarinhoa
2015, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, S6.

Imaging of an operating LaNi4.8Al0.2-based hydrogen storage container

Gondek, L; Selvaraj, NB; Czub, J; Figiel, H; Chapelle, D; Kardjilov, N; Hilger, A; Manke, I

Imaging of an operating LaNi4.8Al0.2-based hydrogen storage container

Gondek, L; Selvaraj, NB; Czub, J; Figiel, H; Chapelle, D; Kardjilov, N; Hilger, A; Manke, I

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