Fábio Martins Silva

PhD Student

Short CV

Fabio Silva was born in Ovar, on 20 of September, 1990. He has a master in Chemical Engineering (2013) by the University of Aveiro (UA, Portugal), and made his internship at BOSCH Termotecnologia S.A., for a year, staying as a R&D engineer for more 3 months, developing metal/glass bonds using adhesives. From 02/2017 to 08/2018 he was a research grantee at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, under the supervision of Dr. Nuno João Silva, working on magnetocaloric nanofluids. Currently, he is a PhD developing new paper functionalization strategies by superficial photopolymerization, under the supervision of Drª Carmem Freire, Prof. Ana Barros and Dr. Ricardo Pinto.



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