João A. Rodrigues

Investigador Júnior


The influence of temperature rise on the metabolic response of Ruditapes philippinarum clams to 17-α-ethinylestradiol

Joao A. Rodrigues, Mónica Silva, Rita Araújo, Leonor Madureira, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rosa Freitas, Ana M. Gil
2023, Science of The Total Environment.

Impact of Sea Warming and 17-α-Ethinylestradiol Exposure on the Lipid Metabolism of Ruditapes philippinarum Clams

Joao A. Rodrigues, Daniela S.C. Bispo, Mónica Silva, Rita Araújo, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rosa Freitas, Ana M. Gil
2023, International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Chitosan Film as a Replacement for Conventional Sulphur Dioxide Treatment of White Wines: A H-1 NMR Metabolomic Study

Rodrigues, JA; Nunes, C; Coimbra, MA; Goodfellow, BJ; Gil, AM
2022, FOODS, 11, 21.

The SOUL family of heme-binding proteins: Structure and function 15 years later

Goodfellow, BJ; Freire, F; Carvalho, AL; Aveiro, SS; Charbonnier, P; Moulis, JM; Delgado, L; Ferreira, GC; Rodrigues, JE; Poussin-Courmontagne, P; Birck, C; McEwen, A; Macedo, AL
ISBN: 1873-3840

Host-defense peptides AC12, DK16 and RC11 with immunomodulatory activity isolated from Hypsiboas raniceps skin secretion

Popov, CSFC; Magalhaes, BS; Goodfellow, BJ; Bocca, AL; Pereira, DM; Andrade, PB; Valentao, P; Pereira, PJB; Rodrigues, JE; Veloso, PHD; Rezende, TMB
2019, PEPTIDES, 113, 11-21.
ISBN: 1873-5169

NMR methods for beer characterization and quality control

Rodrigues, JE; Gil, AM

Evaluation of beer deterioration by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/multivariate analysis: A rapid tool for assessing beer composition

Rodrigues, JA; Barros, AS; Carvalho, B; Brandao, T; Gil, AM; Ferreira, ACS
2011, JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1218, 7, 990-996.

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