Heinz Haas


Short CV

29.3.1938    Born Frankfurt/M, Germany (German national)

Mar 1958    High School Diploma (Abitur) Frankfurt/M

Dec 1962    Diploma Chemistry, J.W.Goethe Univ., Frankfurt/M

Dec 1963    Married to Christiane Haas (2 Children)

Aug 1965     PhD Physical Chemistry, FSU, Tallahassee/Florida, USA

09/65-08/69    Group Leader NMR, J.W.Goethe Univ., Frankfurt/M

09/69-08/71    Post-Doc. (D.A.Shirley) LBL and Instructor Chemistry Dept. UC Berkeley/Cal, USA

09/71-03/03    Senior Researcher, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin

11/75-03/03    Habilitation Experimental Physics (Privatdozent) Fachbereich Physik, FU Berlin

07/76-08/77    Research Associate, EP Division, CERN, Geneva

03/87-02/93    Group Leader ISOLDE, PPE Division, CERN, Geneva

05/01-04/02    Research Associate, EP Division, CERN, Geneva

06/03-06-13    Collaborator, CERN/ISOLDE Team, ITN Lisboa, Portugal

06/13-present    Collaborator, CERN/ISOLDE Team, CICECO Aveiro, Portugal


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