Tailored thin plasma polymers for surface engineering of coil coated steel


The project shall investigate the application of thin plasma polymer films with tailored properties for surface engineering of coil-coated steel. The aim is to achieve scratch resistance, anti-finger print and easy-to-clean properties. Moreover, the adhesion to the polymer coating and the weathering stability will be optimised. Two coil-coating products will be used as technical substrate (polyester and polyurethane top coat). Most probably, the surfaces of these coatings have to be plasma activated prior to plasma polymer deposition to achieve good adhesion. Variation of this pre-treatment process in combination with the corresponding surface analysis will be performed. Plasma polymers will be deposited by means of three different reactor systems (hollow cathode, capacitive discharge rf plasma, microwave). The deposited plasma polymers will be studied in detail by advanced surface analysis and microscopy. Testing is done with regard to chemical resistance, adhesion, weathering resistance and aesthetic properties.






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