Complementary structural information about kenaf bark and core lignins


Several samples of MWL and dioxane lignins from different morphological regions and stages of maturity of kenaf were isolated and characterised by different techniques. The results obtained show variations in functional and structural composition of lignins from older and younger parts of kenaf. Thus, the number of phenolic and carboxyl groups is higher in the older parts of the core, decreasing in younger parts. In the bark, the number of methoxyl groups and beta-O-4 linkages without a carbonyl group in the alpha position, increases in younger parts. In bark lignin the contents of CH2 and CH3 in saturated aliphatic chains is higher in younger parts and is strongly dependent of the maturity stage. The sugars composition and the carbonyl group contents of lignin samples depend mainly on the morphological regions. The molecular weight of core lignin is lower than the bark one.


Engineering; Materials Science


Seca, AML; Neto, CP; Cavaleiro, JAS; Domingues, FMJ; Silvestre, AJD; Evtuguin, DV

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