Solid state NMR and FTIR structural studies of cork cell walls: An overview


C-13 and H-1 NMR relaxation measurements on cork showed that aliphatic suberin is spatially separated from carbohydrate and lignin, experiencing more motional freedom The same work also revealed two main distinct methylene environments in suberin and a small amount of suberin lignin-like aromatics particularly mobile. Spin diffusion NMR studies showed that cork suberin has an important role in determining spatial proximity of the different components of cork and hence the density of the material, one of the most important physical properties of cork. Solid state NMR was further applied to investigate the nature of the linkage between suberin and the carbohydrate/lignin matrix and, along with FTIR spectroscopy, to quantify suberin in situ.


Engineering; Materials Science


Lopes, MH; Neto, CP; Gil, AM

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