Synthesis and selected properties of silicate hybrids containing sepharose


The main purpose of the present work is the sol-gel synthesis, structure and application of hybrid inorganic-organic hybrids based on different silica precursors and addition of the organic compound sepharose (SP). The structural evolution of the hybrid materials containing different amounts of SP is examined. Formation of silica nanocomposites by self-assembling processes was studied by AFM and roughness analysis. The average size of nanoparticles on the sample surface is about 7 to 14 nm and the formation of their self-organized structures is observed. The hybrids are used for immobilization of bacterial cells, producers of thermostable nitrilase. The biocatalysts show good operational stability for a long period-18 days, as well as high thermostability. The degradation capability is greater for the encapsulated cells in the hybrid matrix with 5% SP.


Materials Science


Chernev, G; Samuneva, B; Djambaski, P; Kabaivanova, L; Emanuilova, E; Salvado, IMM; Wu, AY

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This work was supported by Grant NT 2 of the National Fund for Scientific Research, Republic of Bulgaria.

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