Time-resolved random laser spectroscopy of inhomogeneously broadened systems


The understanding of energy transfer processes in biological systems occurring among optical centres which exhibit inhomogeneously broadened spectral bands is of paramount importance to determine time constants and spatial distribution of energy flow. A new time resolved-spectroscopy based on the random laser generation of the optical probes is reported. As an example, the excited state relaxation of Rhodamine B molecules in an organic-inorganic hybrid material is investigated. This kind of spectroscopy may resolve not only the spectral features of the system but also provide a high speed picture of the energy transfer and excited state relaxation of the involved optical probes. The results could be applied to other kind of efficient interacting chromophore pairs embedded in inhomogeneous scattering structures such as biological tissues.




Optics; Physics


Fernandez, J; Garcia-Revilla, S; Carlos, LD; Pecoraro, E; Arriandiaga, MA; Balda, R

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Funding for this research is provided by the Spanish Government under projects FIS2011-27968 and Consolider CSD2007-00013 (SAUUL), by the Basque Country Government (IT-659-13) and by the Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal), FEDER and COMPETE, under contracts PEst-C/CTM/LA0011/2011 and PTDC/CTM/101324/2008. LDC thanks CAPES (Brazil) for a fellowship within a Nanobiotec network.

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