Thin film versus paper-like reduced graphene oxide: Comparative study of structural, electrical, and thermoelectrical properties


We report fabrication of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) films using chemical reduction by hydrazine hydrate and rGO paper-like samples using low temperature treatment reduction. Structural analysis confirms the formation of the rGO structure for both samples. Current-voltage (I-V) measurements of the rGO film reveal semiconductor behavior with the maximum current value of similar to 3 x 10(-4) A. The current for the rGO paper sample is found to be, at least, one order of magnitude higher. Moreover, bipolar resistance switching, corresponding to memristive behavior of type II, is observed in the I-V data of the rGO paper. Although precise values of the rGO film conductivity and the Seebeck coefficient could not be measured, rGO paper shows an electrical conductivity of 6.7 x 10(2)S/m and Seebeck coefficient of -6 mu V/degrees C. Thus, we demonstrate a simplified way for the fabrication of rGO paper that possesses better and easier measurable macroscopic electrical properties than that of rGO thin film. Published by AIP Publishing.






Okhay, O; Goncalves, G; Tkach, A; Dias, C; Ventura, J; da Silva, MFR; Goncalves, LMV; Titus, E

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