Observation of magnetization reversal behavior in Sm0.9Gd0.1Cr0.85Mn0.15O3 orthochromites


Impact of co-doping (Gd and Mn) on the magnetic properties has been systematically investigated in SmCrO3 compound. For the synthesized compound Sm0.9Gd0.1Cr0.85Mn0.15O3 (SGCMO), below the Neel transition temperature and under low applied magnetic field, temperature induced magnetization reversal at 105 K (crossover temperature) was noticed in the field cooled magnetization curve. Magnetization reversal attained maximum value of -1.03 emu/g at 17 K where spin reorientation occurred. The magnetization reversal disappeared under higher applied field. From the M-H plots an enhancement in the magnetization was observed due to Gd doping. Magnetocaloric effect at low temperatures measured through the magnetic entropy change was found sixteen times higher for this compound as compared to pristine SmCrO3 and twice to that of SmCr0.85Mn0.15O3 compound. The study reveals the importance of co-doping in tailoring the magnetic properties of rare-earth chromites. (c) 2018 Author(s). All article content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.




Science & Technology - Other Topics; Materials Science; Physics


Panwar, N; Joby, JP; Kumar, S; Coondoo, I; Vasundhara, M; Kumar, N; Palai, R; Singhal, R; Katiyar, RS

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The author S. Kumar would like to thank the University Grant Commission, New Delhi, for providing the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF), whereas I. Coondoo acknowledges the financial support from FCT, Portugal, through SFRH/BPD/81032/2011. N. Kumar acknowledges the financial support at UPR, Puerto Rico from DOD Grant (AFOSR-FA9550-16-1-0295).

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