Synthesis of silica-titania composite oxide via "green" aqueous peroxo-route


The preparation procedure of silica-titania composite oxide using novel solution/sol single precursor containing titanium peroxocomplex and silicic acid has been described. Pechini-type sol-gel process has been used to prepare oxides from the aqueous precursor. Some structural, morphological and textural characteristics of the prepared material have been presented. Composite SiO2/TiO2 has high surface area (c.a. 300 m(2)/g), and it is composed of anatase nanoparticles with the mean diameter of 5 nm embedded in amorphous silica, then TiO2 prepared via similar method is presented as a mixture of anatase and rutile phases. The proposed synthetic procedure meets the requirements of "green chemistry".




Materials Science


Krivtsov, IV; Ilkaeva, MV; Samokhina, VD; Avdin, VV; Khainakov, SA; Uchaev, DA; Garcia, JR

nossos autores


The study is carried out within the Federal Goal-oriented Program "Scientific and scientific pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013, Gov. contract No., and a grant of Russian Ministry of Education No. 01201255647. Oviedo University team thanks the financial support from FEDER and MINECO (MAT2010-15094). For the thoughtful remarks made on the study and a fruitful discussion the authors express their gratitude to Svetlana Gryn' from Kiev Institute of Physical Chemistry and Sergey Alekseev from Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University.

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