Improvement of thermoelectric properties of Bi2Sr2Co1.8Ox through solution synthetic methods


Several solution synthetic methods, sol-gel and a polymeric route, have been studied in order to obtain Bi2Sr2Co1.8Ox ceramics with improved thermoelectric properties, compared to the classical solid state reaction. The products obtained by these different methods have been compared using DTA-TGA, powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and thermoelectric characterizations. All the samples obtained by solution synthesis show higher homogeneity and lower content of secondary phases. The main differences in thermoelectrical properties are due to the decrease of electrical resistivity in samples obtained by solution methods, compared with the solid state obtained samples. Between them, the decrease is especially high for those samples prepared by the polymer solution method. Therefore, the polymeric solution synthesis route is shown to yield a power factor four times higher than the obtained for the solid state and sol-gel methods at room temperature.


M. A. Torres, A. Sotelo, Sh. Rasekh, I. Serrano, G. Constantinescu, M. A. Madre, J. C. Diez

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